"What's your lofty mission in life that lets you sneer at my humble profession?"
-- Don Lockwood, dignified actor


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Head Hunters Who Don't Suck

SEMiSLUG members have had varied experiences with placement services and contract houses -- some good, some bad, some so-so. This list does not constitute an endorsement by SEMiSLUG (or The Cabal), but is simply a list of recruiters that someone in SEMiSLUG has said "doesn't suck."

Head Hunter Firm Represented Phone E-mail
Tier I - No Regrets
  Mary Nowark Modis (248) 356-7254 mary dot nowark at modisit dot com
  Brad Peters Stopka and Associates (734) 462-9400 brad dot peters at stopka dot com
Tier II - Not Too Many Regrets
  n/a Tek Systems
(Formerly Aerotech and Maxim.)
(248) 603-6523 n/a
Tier III - Many Regrets, But Worked Out Okay
  None reported yet.

If you'd like to recommend any Head Hunters Who Don't Suck, please send e-mail to The Moderators.

There's also a nice list of decent headhunters at www.consultantfederation.com.


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