"Most of their work's so secret,
they don't know what they're doing themselves."

-- A. G. Lethbridge-Stewart, Brigadier


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The Cabal Who Secretly Does Most Things

His Superfluous Excellency

Primary moderator, gatherer of speakers, and generally well-known entity.

Gabe Helou
Truly, One Hell of a Guy

Primary archivist and chef du munchies.


Our Hosts

Washtenaw Community College
Without the generous assistance of WCC, we'd be reduced to holding meetings in back alleys or under freeway overpasses.

Neil Gudsen
Key Master

Neil is the physical embodiment of WCC's hospitality; he makes sure that we can meet in a real room with a whiteboard, rather than in WCC's parking lot, where we'd have to use large pieces of chalk to take notes.


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