11 December 2008

Question & Answer Sessions


If you've got 'em, let us know. (If you get one, brag about it.)

Why did Scott's mail to GT-PFRC get greylisted for 17 hours? is using cut-rate outsourcing for their mail servers.

Got a working Motorola W315?

eBay. ("Replace it with a Jitterbug.")

Want to sell it cheap?

Sorry ... no joy.

Anybody do a lot of Quagga?

Only Jeff. Exchange some e-mail.


Jeff Haas talk about recent trends in Internet routing security.
Specificly, about the recent BGP vulnerability.  

Routing security matters.  Hubs are insecure; switches aren't much
better.  And once it hits the net, forget it.  How do you know you're
actually talking to who you think you're talking too?

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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