8 November 2007

Question & Answer Sessions

What does GPG stand for?

Gnu Privacy Guard

What's a good set of Malware-removal tools?

The "Computer Repair Utility Kit" looks promising.

Anyone heard of a proxy server that allows for a filter to process web pages from certain speicified sites?

Mike Wayne is looking for somthing that will allow GPG-encrypted files to sit on a server, then allow clients using a specific proxy server to see the content of those files transparently. If you have any ideas, get ahold of Mike.

Why do OpenOffice and Matlab give different answers on a least-square analysis?

Different algorithms? Different precision? Trust Matlab.


Just in case you're interested, you can get Adventure for PalmOS at

Don't ask how this topic came up; it's complicated.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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