9 August 2007

Question & Answer Sessions

Does anyone have any questions they haven't already answered by looking at Google?

A few.

What's a good computer store in the AA area, for those who just _have_ to have a part _now_?

There's Jafferson, just south of our Red Robin. Some other one down by the airport. And Sunset, on Hewitt.

Now that Purchase Radio is gone ... what?

Hamfests? On-line? Craig's List? eBay? But locally ... good luck. Ida, MI is about the closest your going to find; drive there and ask where the radio store is.

FreeBSD 6.2 -- what package install tools are available to Jay?

cvsup ... portsnap ... that is all of which Gabe can think. portsnap is easier to manage.

Why do the tabs in 'echo -e \t\tfoo' not work in /bin/sh under 6.2?

This seems to be a "built-in echo" versus "/bin/echo" thing.

Redirecting to stderr not working under FreeBSD 6.2? ( >& )

Try 1>&2 ?

How does one set up the default route under FreeBSD 6.2?

In /etc/rc.conf: defaultrouter=

Good books for/about FreeBSD 6.2?

O'Reilly probably has something.

Does anyone have a good/easy/fast way to scan hundreds of magazines?

Outsource it to India? (Oh, wait ... that's another question.)


Have a look at for some things currently available. (Drop a note to if you're interested.)


Google presents a certain level of information that make meetings such
as this less necessary than they once were.

Pilots of the Caribbean?

XO Communications . . . we don't like XO so much.  They seem to have
terminated an ISP's T1 line for no apparent reason.  Other means of
communication have been sought.  (And found.  For the time being, we're
routing our Class C over a VPN to our upstream provider.)

Warning:  Squirrels!   (Squirrels Ate My Generator!!!)

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

It's awfully quiet out there ... almost ... TOO quiet.

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