12 July 2007

Question & Answer Sessions

Virtual hosting sites -- anyone who'll provide a virtual machine? (10's of Gb and something approximating a T1 or better.)

No experience here, but keep us informed. It sounds neat.

Got a Proliant 1600 with Win2003 -- what to do with it? Play with Win2003 for a while or go straight to some Unixy thing?

If nothing else, it plays tetris and solitaire. (Either way.)

How about Solaris -- what's up with that?

To be the viable alternative, you have to convince people you _are_ a viable alternative.

Bluetooth thingies -- what's up with that, too? seems to have the information mab seeks.

Are there any linux libraries that will play nice with crufty old MFC applications?

Not us, boss. Uh, uh.

Why is Drew's Zaurus refusing to pull in more Palm databases after successfully pulling in some others?

Nevermind ... under threat of embarassment, the Zaurus decided to behave.

Accessing Canadian television videos from the US -- can I use some proxy servers somewhere to get Daily Planet (or Dr. Who, even)?

Nothing concrete -- try asking around quietly.


iPhone ... blender ... Shrapnel. 

got fingerprints?

Elmo ... fire ... laughing ... please stop!

(And other odd videos.)

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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