8 February 2007

Question & Answer Sessions

Don't you feel just a LITTLE happy at kicking out the MBA class?

Well ... yeah ... it was kind of fun.

Rebooting out of cron.

Sure. Why not, if you're dealing with a flaky machine. Sometimes, it becomes such a routine that companies forget why they started doing it. Even after the hardware has been replaced. More than once.


If anyone has experience with security issues and outsourcing, have a chat with Chad. He's looking into some developement issues.


Drew is looking, as are others. As ever, posting things to the mailing list is welcomed. (Thanks, Becki!) Carhart is hiring. Msen has a sales position opening.

Is Sun buying drings at the bar?

They scarpered already. So, "No."

How does one import mbox into Groupwise?

Use fetchmail. Worst case, you reintroduce it to SMTP.

Who the hell are you and what have you done with Paul?

After 26 years, he was tired of it.

Where is Troy?

Who knows. He's been awfully darned quiet lately.

Anyone know of a good JSP formatter?

Alas, we know less than the person raising the question.

Non-browser Javascript intrerpreter?

Try running under rhino.

Does anyone know their way around SAMBA authentication?

SCS is looking at putting SAMBA on top of AFS (that's working), but there are password issues. (Cleartext across the net is bad.) With mulitple password situations (SAMBA and Kerberos) how do you get them to share the password information? Someone who can sit down and discuss this would be most useful, but out expertise is limited.


It's one of the better wikis, or so they say. (For various values of "they.")


Steve Simmons Holds Forth

"Generality wins the middle; specificity gains the high end and the low end."
                                                -- Simmons' Law of Generality

As is all too common, our scribe spent much time listening to the 
presentation, and little time scribing.  Perhaps it's time to start 
recording the meetings.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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