9 November 2006

Question & Answer Sessions

Who all's going to the MERIT 40th anniversary get-together?

One going, eleven not. Go to their web site and check it out; it could be interesting.

Do I need to remove SuSE from my hard disk?

Novell and Microsoft are getting chummy, so who knows.

Is there an easy way to do really strange baud rates in Linux? (Like 27777 baud, for example.)

Not that I know of. How do you feel about kernel hacking? &(*(*(*(&(*mem)))) = 27777; Or something like that.


UofM has job postings. In general, if you've got 'em, post 'em to the mailing list. The rest of you, keep an eye on it.

Where's Troy?


Or MJO, for that matter?

Probably buried in some SGI project. (What's NSA up to lately?)

And Becki -- where the hell is she?

Studying CCNA stuff and pampering the ferret. (Stop snickering.)


Screening of "Alternative Freedom"

Filmmakers Twila Raftu and Shaun Cronin explore the issue of copyright
law and digital rights management from the viewpoint of the "free
culture" movement.

Interesting points -- much intervening fluff.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Nothing we care to repeat. Again.

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