12 October 2006

Question & Answer Sessions

So ... where _are_ we meeting next month?

"I don't know. I'll ask." -- Gabe "TI 224." -- Paul

Where's MJO?

Under the weather. Fighting off the Black Death. Valiantly.

Jobs -- got 'em? Want to share?

Ford still has a College Graduate program. Try taking a couple courses and graduating again.

Is it still possible for a consumer to run their own mail server?

Depends on your ISP, most likely. Make sure your DNS is correct. Make sure your IP is not in the DSL pool; if it's on that list, many other networks will reject mail from you.

Speakeasy is good to deal with on this.

VPN question: the target moves around, but there is a stable ssh box -- is there a way to set up a sort of dial-back kinda VPN connection?

OpenVPN should provide a way of handling this. (Open an ssh session, start OpenVPN remotely, etc.)

Current router recommendations? (Wondering about the WRT54GLx.)

Go ahead and get one. It's fairly solid.

General info about which models are current at (for what that's worth).

How can one tell what process(es) are keeping a device busy?

lsof - list open files


Next month, we hope.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Ford is ... uh ... oh, never mind.

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