10 August 2006

Question & Answer Sessions

De you fly B.A. naked?

And chained and drugged, actually.

Anyone have a DRM/watermark tool they actually like?

Not really.

In postfix, how to do an address-specific ACL?

It takes a policy, but Jeff Haas what's an example of the policy. If you've got one, consider sharing it.

Bluetooth earrings -- exist they?

Not that we know of, but expect mab to get one.

What about bluetooth teeth?

Where's MJO?

Ah ... there he is.


Speak up if you're looking; speak up if you've got some. Jeff Haas says NextHop is seeking some warm bodies. Arbor, too.

How do you spool a MAC?

'man ifconfig' or 'man iwconfig' or go to Google with 'prism2 setting.the.mac.address'.

Fave VM?


Delayed ACKs and wht ww load balancers that love them -- what's up with that?

What? Sorry, I missed that.

Any opinions on custom DNS service?

For someone with point-of-sale machines that need to access the internet, but a limited number of machines. This is doable, but there some easy ways around it.

Set up the firewall to only allow traffic to the desired sites. I.e. 12 permits followed by a deny all -- a Linksys router will do this.

How's the new house, Chad/Asya/Justin/etc?

Nice, thankyouverymuch.


"USENIX Security Brain-Dump" from the brain of Chad Childers

He who thinks crypto will solve his security problems
understands neither crypto nor security.

Have a peek at 
for more info.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

"I love you, Paul."

Gmail's programmers are rumoured to be not terribly bright, as evidenced by the spew on the java error console.

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