11 May 2006

Question & Answer Sessions

1. Best cell phone for browsing the web?

Treos are nice. Your cell phone provider will use a proxy server and which proxy server you get depends a lot on who makes your phone.

2. NAC products?

Sounds like this might be best taken to the mailing list.

3. Jobs at SGI?

There's actually a job in MJO's group analyzing crash dumps. Be afraid.

4. Jobs, other?

There may be a couple things coming up at DTE.

Google is hiring a Director of Sales.

5. mkstemp() returns 0?

It could be that, somewhere prior, something closed STDIN.

6. What's what with WCC's network?

Apparently, their dhcpd is hosed.

7. How many Firefox extensions do you run with?

None ... 7 ... 70+. Wow.

8. Besides SunFreeware, where's a good source of Solaris packages?

[Hmph ... missed this one. Ask MJO.]

9. How does one force a library search path in Solaris?

Set LD_LIBRARY_PATH ... probably. That provides a good start for Google, at any rate.

10. Anyone installed Solaris 10 for an enterprise system?

"Yes -- no problems so far."



  • Project funded by NSF and EDUCAUSE Overview of Project Tasks
  • Literature Review
  • Focus Groups CIFAC Categorazation-Focus
  • Data
  • People
  • Systems Collecting Data
  • Interviewed IT Employees
  • Used a questionaire developed by CIFAC staff to coll... Example Question: To PREVENT this incident from happening in the future, how important is increasing the availability of the following RESOURCES:
  • Personnel
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Network
  • Physical Security
  • Access Control Tools Each was rated for extremely/somewhat/hardly/not-at-all to avoid wishy-washy "average" answers. [... wow ... Mark flips slides way than I type, even on a good day ...] Results - Best Practices
  • Education
  • Patching/Debugging Systems
  • Policies/Procedures
  • Multi-disciplinary teams
  • Communication Results - Comparison of Samples
  • Samples are significantly similar
  • With some differences:
  • Logging and analysis of logs
  • Requirements for use of personal information
  • Centralization of IT services
  • Primary users Cause Factors - System Incidents
  • Academic
  • Insufficient Education and Requirements: IT Mgt. & Staff
  • Insufficient resources and config: hardware, software & networks
  • Corporate
  • Insufficient management procedures: detection
  • Insufficient education: external users (contractors) Cause Factors - People Incidents
  • Academic:
  • None
  • Corporate:
  • Insufficient education and requirements: non-IT staff Cause Factors - Data Incidents
  • Academic
  • Insufficient education and requirements: non-IT staff
  • Corporate
  • None [...] Prevention Factors - People Incidents
  • Academic:
  • Insufficient education: external and non-IT staff [...] Seriousness - Cause (relationship between cause and factors)
  • Academic:
  • High for ... [...] [... I'm not doing this justice; check the web site ...] More info at:

  • Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

    Sendmail is bad.

    SGI isn't doing too well right now.

    Google is in AA and is moving to their new building.

    Microsoft is doing something really, really large in the datacenter realm.

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