13 April 2006

Question & Answer Sessions

Anyone have much experience with 1U servers?


OpenVPN -- anybody running it?

"Works great -- what do you want to know? I'm running it now." -- MRW

Set-up is a pain; start with static keys and go from there. It works.

Security aspects of EAL4 and Orange Book?

[covered during the presentation]



Why HP dat drive with a bad tape is not producing any CRC errors, even thought the data is obviously corrupt? (Windows environment)

Not really sure what's going on here. Try some third-party backup software, perhaps.

What do people think of A/V conferencing at SEMiSLUG?

Eh ... maybe. If there's no other option and if they're comfortable with the medium.


If you've got 'em, post 'em. If you want 'em, ask., too.

Ruby caveats and book suggestions?

Ruby is pretty darned good, says Cliff. 'Nuf said?

WINE -- does it come with Novell/SuSE?


BSD ... the disk system hangs because of ... X ... not sure why. Free/Net/BSDI, nothing happens on the console, but nothing is being written to disk. How do you debug this?

Hmmm ... you got me.


Novell & Linux

BrainShare -- annual "what's cool, what's happenin'" conference

Linux:  A year of progress

    Linux is mainstream at the enterprise server
    Linux grouwing at the desktop
    ISV support continues to grow at a rapid pace
    The new industry platforms:
  • Linux
  • Firefox browser
  • Service Oriented Architectures The Tide is Rising lots and lots of new Linux boxes going into lots of companies Novell's doing a lot of innovation in the Linux world -- many platforms, early adoption of 2.6 and journaling file system, first to receive EAL2/3/4+ certification, IPsec support since 1999 ... etc. Novell's contributing to a boatload of open source projects. [... and then I got wrapped up in the presentation. Check out what Novell is up to these days. It's interesting ...]

  • Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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