9 March 2006

Question & Answer Sessions

Why isn't Tim O'Reilly here?

His flight doesn't/didn't arrive until 21:20. Bummer.

Where is Troy going?

Leather and Lace fashion show in Toledo on the 30th. He's also going to downtown Detroit, instead of Rochester Hills, starting on the 20th.


Troy isn't looking at the moment. (The end of the world is nigh.)

Procmail - getting the right From: in a recipe - how?

* ^from\:( |\t)

For the stuff that he's sending to his cell phone, pipe it into sendmail. And try filtering it through formail to wrangle the headers.

Security needs for smaller companies? (or: Why do small companies need Troy's security services?)

Generally, they don't know. Try to partner with someone that's going into small companies offering IT, but not wanting to mess with the security services.

Why are recursive DNS servers bad?

They can result in some really ugly DDOS situations. Go to and look for secure BIND templates.

Where is everybody?

We're here ... where are you?

Intel CoreDUO -- what's the buzz?

It's a low-voltage, dual-core on a single ship that Troy's trying to get ahold of to tinker with.

Why will March 22nd suck?

Normally, security fixes are small -- 50 lines is considered a big update. In this case, it's a 2900-line diff. Expect to hear more about it in a couple weeks.

And the fixes might not be right. Joy.


It allows you to stream A/V data from point A to elsewhere on the Net. No one here seems to have one, though.

Go to google and look around a bit; it's interesting.


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