12 January 2006

Question & Answer Sessions

11.. IIss MMiikkee sseeeeiinngg ddoouubbllee??

Not as far as we know.

22.. IIss tthheerree aann eecchhoo??

Perhaps it's a duplex error.

3. Does anyone know of a 64-bit version of the n2h() call in Python?

No, it wouldn't have any meaning. You'll have to write one yourself. The 64-bit version of Python has issues.

But that wasn't really the question. Reading from from an file of unknown endianness (until it's read, anyway), but wants to cope with it in manipulate it in subtle ways to cope with platform-specific files.

4. Anyone know of jobs coming up in 3-4 months? End of this month?

There are going to be substancially fewer of them at Ford and GM. Otherwise, if you've got openings, post them to the list.

5. Windows Vista (beta2) + Samba (2.2.7a on RH9) = pukage. Any idea why?

MJO suggests upgrading to Samba 3.x -- it's rumored to fix a lot of things.

6. Did anyone get any k001 xmax gifties? Where _are_ all the cool gifts
this year?

Gabe got a nifty pen. ( It seems like a slow season for nifty gadgets.

7. Excel input format?

CPAN has a module to read and write .xls files and they document how to do it.

8. Do you bounce e-mail anymore?

"No, but too many other morons on the planet still do," says one ISP representative.

9. SEMiSLUG mailing lists for discussion?

semislug-announce for announcements only; semislug for general discussions (and the announcements).

10. Anyone ever seen a security advisory from a storage vendor ever? (sic)

Yes, but not frequently.

11. Favorite laptops and/or laptop features?

[see attached "Preentation" below]

12. [poorly drawn apple logo] + Intel = ???

Cheaper machines?

13. Ranking security advisories?

Depends on who's doing the ranking and how well the rankers are respected. In general, it doesn't seem like a good idea.

14. DVD burners -- good/bad brands?

There's an awful lot of bad brands. Mike Wayne is happy with his and thinks it might be an NEC. Mike Bernson is happen with his NEC.

15. Root on software raid under Debian -- which is the favorite cookbook?

No strong opinions on this.


MJO's gonna sit down and we'll have an open discussion on question 11.

Serial ports are going away!  That's damned annoying.

Those $100 PCs are going to be around $200 to most of us.

MJO's mom and step-dad met on account of MJO's Big Wheel(tm) being stolen.
Just in case you were wondering.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

It's awfully quiet out there. Almost ... _too_ quiet.

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