0 December 2005

Question & Answer Sessions

What the [expletive] does "free as in beer" mean?

Free beer as in "beer that is given to you at a party." This is different from free as in "free speech" or "free to believe what you wish."

<FONT color=green>What</FONT> <FONT color=blue>countries</FONT> <FONT color=red>have</FONT> <FONT color=green>these</FONT> <FONT color=blue>colours</FONT>? (Is there a site that allows one to look up country's flags by color?) ... or something like that ... the rest of the answer is left as an exercise to the student.

Is WPA safe? (It's the successor to WEP, but is it worth it?)

Yes, for now, if you use a long enough key.

DVD burner can't see blank media ... what gives?

This cdrecord/dvdpro (under Linux, I assume). If the media is cheap, it'll be a problem -- Philips 8X, Memorex, and one that came with the writer.

The fact that a CD can be written would imply that the connections and software are working properly.

Try a commercial DVD and see if you can read it. Also, try getting a DVD written by someone else's computer and see if it'll read that.

DIV/X portable players?

A little notebook, perhaps? Check for possibilities (such as an Apex unit, perhaps, or a Philips DVP-642, maybe). Searching eBay might prove useful, too.

Does this dress make John look fat?

We're not sure ... we're all averting our eyes.

Drew's got Zaurus issues -- files taking up space, but not visible. ("Files cloaked while mobile.") Any ideas?

Not enough Zaurus expertise in this room, it seems.

Hmmm ... it may be a problem with different generations of the ext2 filesystem ... maybe.

Does anyone know how to color balance an X monitor?

You can't without writing your own extension. (Why this wheel hasn't been invented is a matter of the effort involved.)

Where is everybody?

Well ... we're here ... and they're there ... so there, mister Monday-morning quarterback, mister wheelchair general!

And where's MJO and his army of presenters?

Pull sound annotation from Canon S2 is without ZoomBrowser?

"You need one of those Philips DVP-642s." -- Chris Polk

Other than suggestions of questionable merit, we don't know.

Any reasons to use Solaris instead of Windows? (SecureID)

No obvious suggestions are cropping up -- other than Windows inability to do things like scripting easily.

When dealing with a Windows zealot, however, logic frequently doesn't enter into it.


Dave's Vacation Photos

Dave New shows us photos from his stay at Mackinaw Island's Grand Hotel.
This was much more interesting than it might sound.

He's also talking about his Sony Vaio and the really nice LCD screen
it has.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

It's possible there is actually _no_ country with a green, blue, and red.

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