10 March 2005

Question & Answer Sessions

What do you do with someon's domain when they die?

Just shut it off for now.


There's a cool sounding one posted out in the hall.

Where's Troy?


When's Troy?

Now. Okay?

Who needed the snow?

The salt trucks. (It's a self-worth issue.)

Is hyperthreading bad?

That way Intel implemented it? Yes.

who does NFS serving on MacOS 10.current?

They're changing their VFS layer and it's breaking all sorts of things.

What firewalls break ftp with EPSV?

Most of them. If you want to use ftp normally, you're knocking big holes in your firewall.

Good source for decent inexpensive laptops?

Affordable Computers on Industrial.

Any AMD64 for under $1000? may be able to help you.

What is IPTV?

Weren't you paying attention during the presentation?


"What IPTV Will Mean" with Mark Wagnon

Was working on cool real-time translation stuff at Sony until a little
while ago ... but that's another presentation.

The history of interactive TV has been spotty.  And IP TV has followed
it and contributed to the concept.  It's the commerce piece that's going
to legitimize the idea of interactive TV.

FSTV -- Free Speach TV -- is one of the outgrowths of this area.

[Eventually, the chatter and side comments got too distracting and 
Gabe stopped taking notes.  We had about 50% presentation, 40% people 
interupting and 10% trying to get back on to the subject.]

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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