13 January 2005

Question & Answer Sessions

Where can one get a little door/cover for a Motorola Talkabout two-way pager?

Good question. "Try dollar stores or Big Lots." -- Drew

Two different versions of bochs for Zaurus -- can't load VGA fonts for X -- where to get them?

Check for starters.

Has anyone see a whitelisting filter for javascript (content based)?

Doesn't sound like it. Not to the degree that MJO is seeking. He's looking for the ability to list allowed functions, rather than excluding certain functions.

Solaris on x86 ...

Didn't get this one.

Jobs: Who's got 'em? Who needs 'em?

Post them to the mailing list, please. Someone's alway looking. is a handy site for finding jobs in a given locale. is sadly lacking in tech jobs, which is a pity considering they're local and used to have a member of The Second Cabal working for them.

And Troy is looking for a VB scripter.

Where can Paul get a T1 installed (Superior Twp.)?

Talk to Mike Wayne at Msen.

What does mean?

To an Adtran, it mean "die painfully, gravy-sucking dog."

HIPAA file encryption?

Opinions vary. HIPAA compliance is self-defeating in many situations.

Anyone know anything about Trinity Health?

Not really.

Bad DVD burn problems?

Look out for who makes which media. All "Memorex" media are not the same, for example. (They're notorius for going with cheap media manufacturers.)

Verbatim "Data Life" is still a good choice for archival media.


Joblessness in the Tech World

It's happened to most of us and we're still here. Don't panic. Don't dispair. Keep looking. Watch the mailing list for postings.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

"Good T1s make good neighbors."

"Every time I've been threatened with going to Japan, I get another job."

"Unisys has ported Windows to Itanium boxes. Microsoft was announced they're dropping Itanium support. Hmmm . . ."

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