14 October 2004

Question & Answer Sessions

Anybody interested in volunteering for poll monitoring? (Detroit, Flint, Inkster, Pontiac need bodies)

If so, contact Becki. Visit for more info about such activities.

Software to turn jpegs into playable DVDs? (I.e. slideshows. Any OS will do.)

Ask John Ridley. (Send mail to Gabe and he'll put you in touch with John.)


Becki is looking. FBI is looking for computer forensics people. Sounds like a good match to me.

Downloading and saving Windows media files -- how to.

If you find a way to get the "streaming only" connections downloaded, post it to the mailing list.

Anyone interested in running a Tor server?

See for details. This has interesting implications.

Anywhere in driving distance from Ann Arbor that sells 802.11 pigtails?

Purchase Radio Supply (327 E Hoover Ave., Ann Arbor, MI)? GrayBar (8350 Haggerty Rd., Belleville, MI)? Radio Shack (everywhere)?

Solaris to EMC?

Uh ... don't know. Have you asked Sun? Have you asked EMC?


Where _is_ MJO?

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
[2004-10-18 - Follow-up from John Ridley]

If you just want a simple slideshow at TV resolution, the most
compatible and simplest thing is a VCD slideshow.  Nero can make them,
probably other VCD burning tools can too.  Just grab your JPGs and drag
them into the compilation window.

Downside; 352x240 resolution, and the only control you have is number of
seconds between one pic and the next (settable per pic).

If you want to go nuts:

Freeware, many dissolves, audio track accompaniment, etc.  Make an avi
using that, encode to MPG2 with TMPGEnc, burn to DVD.

Downside: more work.  DVD-R media may not be readable in all players.
Upside: 720x480 res, snazzy looking.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

The earth has opened up and swallowed MJO. Or so we've heard.

MJO is currently tied up in the basement of some Big 3 CEO.

An unnamed Asian manufacturing concern is trying to clone MJO for 24-hour tech support availability.

One of the Cabal members has been sacrificed for the future well-being of all employees of a certain auto manufacturer.

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