9 September 2004

Question & Answer Sessions

IETF sends out announcements of new Internet drafts in a MIME type that is something like "multipart/body" that doesn't actually send the draft, but sends methods to get it. How does one automate this in a procmail recipe?

Look at RipMIME (sp?). It may not do it, but it may be a good front end.

Who's going the FCC "town hall" meeting Dearborn on Tuesday? (It's about the future of media regulation in the US.)

MJO, perhaps. Drew might. Put this question out on the SEMiSLUG, Stilyagi, and GT-PFRC mailing lists; it's bound to generate some interest.

( has some info about a similar sounding event.)

Who's going to the pre-meeting for that in Ann Arbor on Saturday or Sunday?

Scott might, if it's on Sunday. Look for info in the Metro Times (or on their web site, perhaps).

Got advice in directional wireless antennae?

Pringle cans work nice and there are plans on the net. For long distances, look at reviews of commercial stuff. Ann Arbor doesn't have good line of site availablity. Line of site is going to be a problem and 2.4Ghz noise is going to be a problem.

Where are we meeting next month?

[See "Administrivia" below.]

How to stop/corral a process that sucks up as much memory as it can (under Linux)?

Debug that damn memory leak, eh? Check limits.conf for the ability to limit process memories. The the "CPU set" settings; they're normally for multiple CPU situations, but they can be handy for limiting some behaviours.

Wanna be Troy's roommate?


How is Niel's job?


Got a favorite vender for CAT5E connectors?

Graybar is also great. Or anyone selling Leviton jacks.

Any good server load balancing for multiple web servers?

Ceyote is supposed to be good, but Troy has used them in the past and he doesn't like them. Same with NetScaler.

Anyone had experience with VNC and/or VNC variants?

"Works fine. What do you want to do?" -- MRW

MRW has worked solely with real VNC products and he's quite happy with them.


  • Welcome and Abuse of New Members Hmm ... none visible today. Rats. Perhaps we'll send out a press gang.
  • Administrivia: We'll talk more about meeting locations. We're talking to Washtenaw Community College about getting a room. Also, we have a back-up location starting in January. (In the backup scenario, we'd end up at Frenchie's through December.) Meanwhile, The Cabal is keeping it's ears open for other options. Ford doesn't sound like they'll be a viable option, based on what we know so far. ITzone sounds like they've changed there attitude and they may be an option. We might want to at least explore UofM Dearbord or Henry Ford Community College, perhaps.
  • The Question Session [See above.]
  • Currently, there is no presentation scheduled. An ad hoc open discussion will be held instead. [See "Administrivia" above.]
  • Answer Session [See above.]
  • Rumors and Innuendo [See below.]
  • The Post-Meeting Meeting (also at Frenchie's) Directions are available by going to the SEMiSLUG web site ( and clicking on the 'Where?' link. Or perhaps we'll go somewhere else for the Post-Meeting Meeting, just for the sake of variety.

  • Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

    Might be a new SAMBA release in the next few days.

    Some company is looking for 800 acres south of Ann Arbor. (An engineering center for Toyota, it seems.)

    Honda-related company may be setting up proving grounds near Fowlerville.

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