8 April 2004

Question & Answer Sessions

Anyone got any direct knowledge of recent Linux compromise(s)?

Nope. This sounds like it's in the last day or two, but no one here is up on it. (Apparently, the vulnerability isn't new, but the intensity of the attacks is?)

DVD burners - what to look for, what to avoid?

Buy a Plextor - ignore everything else. (708A?) It's about $130 and it just works. (Check for additional info.) Check for what media the manufacturer recommends -- it DOES make a difference.

What is it in the current crop of spam that causes certain mail clients (i.e. Mozilla) to hang?

Wow ... that's wierd.

How can I safely kill postfix's mail queue and turn off bounce messages for future spam?

Kill postfix, move the queue ... uh ... whereever that is. Then restart things. Or something like that. lsof should tell you where the files are.


Paul likes mailman. Gabe likes majordomo2. There's other options, but not much experience with them.

What do I need to do to get sound and USB in VMware?

KDE is grabbing the sound card (via rts); if VMware isn't rts-aware, that may be the problem.

Recommendations for fannish things in Madison, WI.

WisCon. Go to Penguicon - there should be several Madison folks there. Look into Xcon in Milwaukee. Find the local LUG and start from there.

DNS views - can you help with stupid split views?

"Do you have your controls defined inside your views?" Look into that. Other than that, not sure.

Does anyone remember any questions Gabe might have had?

Hmmm ... nope.

Why can't Drew get a lock on his wireless card?

Week signal, probably.

How many people are going to the Post-Meeting Meeting?

15-ish. See you there.


Not a whole lot goin' on in this department.

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