11 March 2004

Question & Answer Sessions

Drew: Zaurus is not obeying /etc/host.deny. What's the deal?

If your application hasn't been linked with the TCPwrapper library, it's not going to do anything.

If you can get ipfw on the device, that would help.

Where's the Post-meeting meeting?

Red Robin. We'll discuss future post-meeting meeting locations and meeting locations at the post-meeting meeting.

Got all that?

Experiences with MythTV?

Talk to Mike Elliott at Msen.

Anyone have a Torx wrench?

No ... but that's never stopped us.

Want Troy's stuff?

Take it, please. There's more in the truck. And yet even more still at home.

How much for the buckets?

Normally $4.99, but YOU have have for $8.99. Such a deal.

Jobs: Got 'em? Want 'em?

Troy's always got his eyes open -- and his current contract runs out at the end of this month. Get this valuable hacker while you can!

Got any experience with Windows small-business server installation? (There's money involved.)

If you're able to help with a messed-up installation (made the mistake of following Microsoft's instuctions), let us know.

Try asking on the mailing list. (Or ask Bob Trembley.)

Frame relay with simultaneous ISDN -- does it work?

Yes, it does work. In theory. You should be able to balance the load with routing tricks. Ask the router manufacturer about this.

Have about a "who are you" survey?

Look for the question showing up on the mailing list sometime soon.

Been running fetchmail in user mode to grab mail from ISP -- why aren't the local lock files doing the right thing? (Linux, SuSE 8.1, qpopper)

Check the source to see what lock files are supposed to look like. Chris Polk does something similar with fetchmail and imapd without any problems.

You could put a wrapper around fetchmail to check if qpopper is already running. Maybe.

Any good suggestions for webmail server software?


Anyone aware of software to make a Zaurus act like a USB storage device?

No idea.

Camera in offices -- are they really checking?

Yes. If certain companies catch you with one, they'll take it from you until you leave.


Post-Meeting Meeting Location - Red Robin seems to be the concensus.

Meeting Location - we'll discuss this more later.


Paul took apart a hard drive.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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