8 January 2004


Where to meet on an on-going basis? What does the ITI building _do_ any more?

Stay here, while we can!

Perhaps we'll be come a student organization and meet on campus.

Question & Answer Sessions

Can someone help Drew get 1024x768 on a Knoppix box?

There's something broken with the "cheat codes" for the Knoppix boot line. Knoppix is playing some sort of games with the X server they're shipping with 3.3. Dave New's tried a variety of config tricks to no avail.

Check the XFree86 log file (/var/log/XFree86.0.log or somesuch) for hints as to what might be going on.

Try Ctrl-Alt with numeric-pad + and - to cycle through available resolutions.

Cheap remote network diagnostics?

Ping. Traceroute, maybe.

There's an office with low-budget hardware that experiences network bog-down when the net gets hammered hard. How do you probe the network and get enough information to guess which hardware needs replacing?

Probably have to go machine to machine FTP-ing a known file from machine to machine to check the timings and go from there.

Also, rolling machines in and out of the net. Start with two machines and a switch and add one device at a time to watch now the throughput goes.

E-mail packages for eight-year olds and grandmothers?

Juno is easy enough for one person's computer illiterate parent. Horde has lots of things you can click on -- that might be worth a try.

Try a static HTML page with a few mailto: tags for an easy mailer that only allows mail to the people your child is allowed to write to. This approach may not be a good solution for your grandmother.

What resource gets consumed everytime you run a program under Windows 98? (And other versions?) And how do you get it back?

Google for "GDI" and "resources" and see what you can find. Basicly: Windows is stupid.

Anybody using the last versions of RedHat (7.3 and 8.0) and what do you do about it?

Contract with a third-party support group (e.g. Progeny at $5/machine/month), if you can afford it. The Fedora project is a possibility.

The Debian distribution is a good alternative to the old RH, if you're willing to make the switch.

SPAM! What's a good, easy-to-set-up strategy to use with fetchmail?

Bogofilter's a good one. Look for more info later, as improved Bayesian techniques come along.

A "Home mail machine HOWTO" would be nice.

Has anyone seen the FreeBSD TCP/MSS denial of service thing yet?

Really small MSS (e.g. 1) results in a heap of CPU time being spent with frag/defrag operations on packets. Bad ju-ju.

This doesn't affect everyone, just some systems. In general, it's being blown out of proportion.

ssh over udp -- how? Why?

Is _anyone_ actually doing this? No one, as far as we know.

What do we do with a bunch of old Sun hardware (Sparq 10's, Sparq 20's, and so on)?

Rave Electronics in Stirling Heights deals with refurb Sun hardware.

Check for information.

eBay is always an option.

Use the money to buy newer hardware. (Intel boxes with FreeBSD and so on.)


We talked.  We told stories.  We basked in the glory of some truly fine

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Linus knew.

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