13 November 2003

Question & Answer Sessions

Where is everybody?

Dunno. Maybe they're at The Kiva. Maybe Gabe should have put a "WE'RE MEETING IN A NEW LOCATION" banner on this month's meeting announcement.

Where do we want to meet next month?

Zingerman's has good food. The Sidetrack is a possibility. We really need someone local to liais for us. SCS also mentioned something, but no one recalls just what.

It should be fairly easy to get to and have cheap/free parking.

We could probably meet at Internet2 again next month, but that could all fall apart if Danno's progeny arrives a couple weeks early.

Why aren't there more questiosn?

There's only 11 of us tonight; it's a very laid-back meeting.


Steve King brought in one of the Gyricon demo units with their
"electronic paper."  It's aimed at displays that change a few times
a day, such as stores, restaurants, hotels, etc.  The demo unit is
entirely wireless, being battery powered and having a 802.11b card.

Lots of tiny little beads (40 mils) with two colors, that can be
charged.  The charge of the field controls which side of the bead
faces up/out/forward.  The effective dpi on this is about 100.  Due to
the way the charged surfaces are handle, it does (in effect) its own

Right now, the product could be though of as a character-based terminal.
Gyricon is working on a graphics matrix driven display, but there
are a trade-offs with their current character layout (resolution,
addressability, controller multiplexing, and so on).

(Lots of questions and idea thrown around by Steve and the audience.)

It's cool stuff.  Keep your eyes open for it.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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