10 July 2003

Question & Answer Sessions

Change jobs or not: Lear (UTA)?

One person's experience was: "You know that 'C' students have to go _somewhere_."

Troy is on a quest for rack-mountable stuff. Suggestions?

UofM property disposal. Go there.

Is there a better way to change one XML to another XML with something other than XSLT?


Who wants chips?

I do! I do!

Is PostgreSQL multithreated in a way that a single query can use more than one CPU?

No. Spend the money for Oracle if this is a big issue for you.

Any experience with PHP's new default database?

PHP is going to change their default database support due to MySQL changing their licensing. No idea what the new default is like, though.

Is it true that the Kiva Conference Center is going to be turned into a suite of offices?

Not the room itself.


Post info to the mailing list if you got 'em. Or if you want 'em.

Anybody familiar with RAID on IBM Netfinity servers? (Linux)

If you've got ideas, let us know.

Any other questions?



"High Performance TCP and Web100" with Thomas Hacker

[Tom speaks quickly ... and flashes through slides even faster!]

Modern Techniques: is unfair in congested networks works, but can be unfair

... and lots of other interesting stuff.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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