13 March 2003

Question & Answer Sessions

Anyone tried the Xandros Linux distribution?

It's supposed to be THE desktop version of Linux and should be able to handle MS apps fairly well. (They claim it will runn Office 2000.) No one here has played with it, though.

VMware: Should one run Linux under Windows or Windows under Linux?

It depends which OS you want to run your multi-media-intensive applications. All things being equal, your best be is to run the less stable OS (Windows) on top of the more stable OS (Linux).

Plexware -- what's up?

They've pretty much dropped the goal of being a free alternative to VMware.

Has anyone read "Souls In The Great Machine" by Sean McMullen(sp?)?

SCS started reading it at midnight, got to page 8, and put the book down. He knew that if he kept reading, he wasn't going to be able to go to sleep that night.

Very good read. Highly recommended.

A Sun question! If one is in an alternate universe where prices aren't normal and one has no budget. Purchases are given a thumbs-up or thumbs-down and one doesn't know the secret criteria. If one has SunBlade 2000s and you want to plug a bunch of disks into it, what do you do?

Try to get a SCSI raid array? Try to get a Sun disk array and see what happens?


No presentation and neither of the usual scrivners, so we sat and talked
in round (well, rectangular) table fashion.  Some of the highlights:

  + Broadway bridge will be closed for a couple years.

  + Microsoft technical support is a waste of time.

  + Ten years later and Project Manager is still lame.

  + Knoppix Linux runs from a CD and RAM without needing to touch 
    the hard drive.  You can download an ISO image.

  + PDA prices are falling.  Tungstens are going for $319 lately.
    It will be interesting to see how soon Linux for Tungstens
    shows up.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

There's a nasty root exploit lurking on many, many systems. Look for an announcement and patches at the end of the month.

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