8 August 2002

Question & Answer Sessions

How did the thing in Drew's plastic bag die?

It suffocated?

It's pieces of an HP-100LX and Troy doesn't recall how it died. But it's a bag of spare parts just the same.

require (;

SCS is looking (and he's well worth getting).

Becki has a position open in her group.

Internet2 ( has a couple positions -- ask Danno.

How was Troy's vacation? (Says who?)

7500 miles, 18 states on a motorcycle. Included a couple 1100 mile days.

More fun than he probably deserved.

Any recommendations for something like Glimpse that isn't Glimpse (since Glimpse is a dog).

isearch? Make it all publicly available and use Google?

When writing to an removed/unlink, but not closed, file on a Linux Ext2 filesystem, what's up with it bloating to 1.4 Gb?

Beats me.

As a general rule, if you've got a big file, empty it before removing it.

ipchains under RH 7.3, get "not part of kernel" but can't get rid of it either -- can't get to services on the box as a result. Suggestions?

It might be actually iptables insteadh. Try that.

SuSE 8.0: where has yast hidden my password?

He can still install RPM's without giving his password and he's not to thrilled with that.

Try using strace on yast to find out what's being opened.

Is it save to run dump on / while it's mounted rw (i.e. will the dump be useful for restores)?

Possibly not. There are problems with flushing/syncing under Linux that can result in a dump problem.

In general, dump isn't much good on an active filesystem.

Mount the filesystem read-only (or don't mount it).

rsync is a good tool for duplicating contents.

What are companies doing for Sept. 11 staffing? Sending people home? Calling extra in? Dancing around the May-pole?

Nothing much, from the sound of it.

The popular concensus seems to be "let's take the day off."

KDE component architecture plugins -- any experiences?

Not really. "Qt looks neat."

When did SEMiSLUG start?

1987-ish? Something like that.

What is the secret history of SEMiSLUG?

Get more info from SCS.

Troy is looking for any easy way to ping a door; got a suggestion?

There's an X10 product (switch open / switch closed) that'll help. Get the SmartHome catalog.

And lab cameras.

What's wrong with the web site?

Apache upgrade oopsie. It's better now.

Is anyone here a Genuity customer?


Intel 854 chipset with DMA working under linux?

No luck.

Is there cell phone service in the hinterlands (NW of Dexter, etc.)?

"Real soon!" -- Sprint, for the last year or so

AT&T will have it. More per minute, but they're everywhere.

"I'd go with Cingular." -- Anon. AT&T customer

Was anyone at DefCon? (Okay, anyone _here_ at DefCon?)


Is anyone going to LISA? Usenix? SANS?


What's with the giraffe?

Damn ... his cover's been blown.

Are GOTO's okay today?

"Where do you want a GOTO today?"

No. Edsger's ghost will appear and haunt you.


Lots of NFVv4 guys (and a token NFSv3 dude)

These guys are in town for the "NFS v4 Bakeoff." v2 and v3 were done by Sun and made freely available. Sun owned NFS. The big thing is that Sun gave NFS to the IETF. NFS isn't real easy in non-Unix environments. NFS was only used if you thought it would be available - least common denominator. "Not quite the kitchen sink, but no drain." More info at (Might make slides available ... we'll see.)

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

"You never have to just-go-to-Prudhoe-Bay." is worth checking out. (The death of the net is immenent and here's why . . .)

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