10 July 2002

Question & Answer Sessions

Will Mozilla be in AOL 8.0?

No idea. To many internal political issues involved.

Mozilla mail taking so damn long on Win98-SE dial-up ... What's up?

File a bug report with the Mozilla project ... they want to know about this.

Does Linux have a "stitch" to go with lilo?

Yes. It builds pararamas from individual pictures

gcc 3.2?

Huh? What?

Shadow IDS -- heard of it?

No info in the room.

Netapp 7x0 comments?


When will get updated?

Possibly tonight.

Nokia 1971?



SCS is looking. Get him while you can.

The usual questions from/for Troy?

Talk to Troy. ... what the hell?

Xopen sued for trademark infringement ... and won in Europe.

ACLU suit ... what's up?

Claims that cable company's control of content is restraint of speach.

Who has a camera?

No one here.

What about warchalking?

No one's admiting to anything.

What's up with Internet 2?

Talk to "Joe at University of Oregon." Or talk to SCS and/or Ed at the bar. (Talk to Danno.)

SAP + Exchange + FR = Troy needing help. Can you help?

Doesn't sound like it.

Where can I get a gigE firewall?

Netscreen. Nokia.

Two Win98 boxes connected by a crossover cable act stupidly ... got any ideas?

Try swapping cables to see if it's a cable problem. It could be a driver issue. One may need to be a "master browser."

Put a hub in the mix, ping, and what the lights.

Comcast cable modem and ... uh ... what's the question?

Reset the modem by powering it down cold -- 20 minutes -- then plug it back in. I'll forget the old MAC address and learn the new one from the switch.

What's with this Walmart and Lindows pairing?

They're only for sale on-line and shipping in only $15.

What's the word on Microsoft's vector patent? (And how does it affect SGI?)

Apparently, MS picked up a bunch of patents from SGI and is trying to beat the OpenGL folks over the head with them.

How's Worldcom, Steve?

"I hope they last at least eight weeks."


Scott Collins Talks About Mozilla

History "Mozilla" -- Mosaic Killer LXR, Bugzilla, Tinderbox -- fantastic tools "Handbook of Algorythms" by Gonnet & Baeza-Yates -- must get [Lots of other neat stuff that was too interesting for me to spend time typing -- Gabe]

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Idea for futures SEMiSLUGs: "My Favorite Algorythm"

All Earthlink DSL down? That's the rumor after someone got a phone call.

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