11 April 2002

Question & Answer Sessions

Can Becki reach this high?


Where can I find good, on-line Canadian maps?

Write to Iain and ask him.

Telzon PTC-1194 parts?

Chris needs a connector for the floppy.

What is a Telzon PTC-1194?

It's an old industrial Pentium beast. Tough, tough, tough. Quite neat.

Want to be Troy's roommate?

Nice place in Ypsilanti -- see Troy, if interested.

Want to use Sun 24-bit graphics cards (prefer UPA) and want to hook a big SGI monitor up to a PC ... how?

Talk to Troy about this. (And Google is your friend.)

Setting up an apllication auto-upgrade server -- how worried should I be about DNS spoofing and trojan horsies?

It's on an intranet, so it might not be too bad. It uses HTTP as a transport -- maybe use an MD5 checksum on it. Or just bite the bullet and do a PKI solution.

Anyone heard of DataSafe from some backup company?

Nope. Some sort of desktop encryption thing, apparently.

Apple's G4 has a gigabit (and only gigabit) NIC on the mainboard ... does anyone else?

None that anyone's aware of.

Anyone played with Skipstone?

It's another Mozilla-based browser. It's neat, when it doesn't crash.

Ford claims they are hiring systems people -- can someone get Drew in?

Nope -- the Fordies in the room can barely keep themselves in.

Anyone else hiring sysadmins? Programmers? Gophers? Parking lot attendants? Ditch diggers?

Proquest was looking. Consilio Response Team (or something like that) may be looking -- they do "security stuff."

Does a tool exist to arbitrarily munge tcpdump (or snoop) files to search-and-replace one port number to another port number?

Need this to fool Ethereal into debugging a protocol running on a non-standard port.

Hack it in Perl? Clif wrote some articles on doing this in Tcl a little while ago.

Got a good justification or business case for encryption?

It's the right thing to do. If you spot anything, share it with Chad.

Where does Chad want to go to present an encryption paper?

Writing this paper is a task at work; he's in charge of encrypted e-mail.

Is there a formal protocol for throwing whiteboard erasers at Chris Polk?

Grasp. Aim. Throw.

Any good books for grokking Borland C++ (and C++ in general)?

"Throw me a bone here." -- Larry Plato

Any simple compilers for simple palm apps?

gcc works. And there's Pocket C that runs on the Palm.

Sierra wireless cellular modem -- wanna buy it?

See Troy before it hits eBay.

Know any restaurant managers?

Becki wants a special salad dressing that they don't sell retail any more. She even has a Sysco item number for it. (Marzetti's Raspberry Vinegrette, FYI.)


Rubicon -- Network Administration and Security Stuff


"Worth going to to, but not at that hotel." 

Clif Flynt:

"50% rave boys in back t-shirts; 50% real net admins."
"Much hands-on stuff, good panels."

Check it out next year, if they manage to have another one.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Microsoft has deep-sixed the "Hail Storm" project.

A couple vendors claim they've never had problems with SNMP vulnerabilities, are quite mistaken.

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