7 February 2002

Question & Answer Sessions

How was that other thing tonight in Ferndale? Should we go next month?

SMOKEY. And loud. Very "salesy" oriented. Mike Wayne will keep an eye on it and report more later. is the place to go for official info.

Where is the bar tonight?

Grizzly peak.

Can you do column selects with xterm? If so, how?

Nope. (You can rewrite it ... or use the 'screen' program.)

What did Becki do to the fuzzy bunny?

Ripped his head off. You got a problem with that?

Where is Gabe?

Mourning the fuzzy bunny.

Can I manipulate the calendar part of an Exchange server from a Linux box? If so, how?

Evolution claims it'll do it. Visit and look around.

Anyone played with Solaris 9?


"Why would you want to?" -- C. Polk

Troy wants to sell a Sierra wireless PCMCIA card for a Sprint network. Wanna buy it?

See Troy. It's about $80.

The Ford job site is broken; when will it be better?

Quality is Job N+1. Even using IE, it still breaks.

Mail problems at comcast?

Try uucp and find a uucp provider ( or ... and there are others).

Look at for info. Or, who will do port forwarding.

Having problems with a firewall stripping inbound digital signature certs. Any ideas?

Don't know. Perhaps there's something that's stripping them as an unrecognized MIME type.

Jeff is selling phone parts -- want any?

The Nokia 8260 that Jeff landed on after slipping on the ice is available for parts.

Why aren't there any jobs questions?

Because ... wait ... that's a job question. Therefore ... hang on ... this is to complicated for me to explain right now.

Where can MJO get cheap ANI?

Automatic Number Identification is hard to get.

Cheap power distribution systems?

Cruise eBay for an APC master switch.

Anybody water-cooled a PC?

Not in a any practical fashion.

Does anyone know how to complice a C program (gcc) using Pascal calling conventions.

There's supposed to be a pascal parameter to functions that gcc supports, but Googling for "pascal gcc" didn't yeild anything.

Worst case: grep the gcc source.

What caused MJO to utter "Oh, Shit!" and run out of the room?

Someone decided to do a DoS attack on one of Mike's clients.


Jeff Haas presents: "NextNop and Routing"

NextHop is neat.  They're "the GateD people" these days.  Their neat
enough that Gabe listened to Jeff instead of trying to take notes.

Go to their web site and read about it.

(Or show up for the meeting next time.)

    "BGP - it's like sumo wrestling." -- MJO

    "It's just evil." -- MRW

                                     Jeff Haas works for NextHop and keeps 
                                     a stuffed Cthulhu on his desk.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

There is no Eric conspiracy.

"Primo's Pizza and a shooting range ... what more does a girl need?"

Comcast is going to give out subscriptions to GigaNews as a news solution.

"[users] call up at three in the morning and want their porn."

"Comcast doesn't understand the Internet thing at all." And that's all he'll say.

IBM mainframes running Linux are going to show up at Ford, doing the same thing the old mainframes were doing.

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