10 January 2002

Question & Answer Sessions

Why does Becki want so many newspapers?

There're for an anial shelter (Dearborn Animal Shelter) that can't afford Depends(tm). Animal food would be appreciated as well.

Any good virus scanners for e-mail?

A large auto manucaturer needs to replace their sadly out-of-date e-mail servers. It would be nice if mail in and out could be scanned for viruses and other content, that would be handy.

Sendmail can be set up to work with external scanners ... maybe that would work. Set up a bank of MX servers to handle mail in and out.

Are they any stratum-1 NTP servers in Michigan?

MJO is just curious. He already knows about one at and a private one that would rather remain anonymous.

Why does MJO care about geography?

He's gathering a list and there's only two and neither are on the the public NTP server list.

Are there any public access wireless points in Michigan? (Intentional or unintentional)

None of which we are aware.

We should form a cooperative and make one. Look for more information at in a few days.

Paul is looking for 400K-ish connectivity again (i.e. ISP shopping) -- any recommendations?

Paul Haas is looking and looking and looking and not finding anything.

Perhaps a tower could be put up, allowing a line-of-site radio link. (e.g. Catalyst, perhaps)

Any other high-speed options available out in the (reletive) boonies. (17,000 feet or more from CO)

Not that we haven't mentioned already.

How can I avoid the http proxy at Comcast?

By getting a _real_ ISP.

1-800-266-2278 . . . what is it?

That's the Comcast number to call to ask for credit to your bill. There is no elevator music, so you get an operator or a [CLICK].

Also, the Michigan Public Service Commission needs to be make aware (and the Ann Arbor Cable Commissioner).

Any well-located, free VPM access point servers?

See the above wireless question for as much of an answer as we've got at the moment.

What's up with javascript in the Opera browswer?

It's broken. Every version of Opera seems to have different Java bugs. If you contact them, they'll fix the problem and create a new one to replace it.

Has anyone got ethernet cards working in a HP 100LX?

The power supply won't support most of them.

comp.sys.handhelds would be the best place to check.

Redhat update manager: how do you get source and not just packages?

No idea. The little config box only appeared once, then never again. [sigh]

Where do you get high-speed internet access around Zeeb/Jackson?

Cf. a few questions back.

Got a program to flood a switch?

Some switches, if sufficiently flodded, will act like a hub and broadcast lots of stuff to lots of places. It would be nice to know what switches have this problem.

Looking for a good home for a 24-port 10/100 switch with a fan that is just too-damn-loud. Any ideas?

Maybe Ed can trade it to ITZone in exchange for membership.


Most of us have jobs. This is good.

Wanna be Troy's housemate?

Not right now, thanks.

How about connectors for 2.4Ghz 802.11 Pringles-can antennas? (Looking for the connectors for Lucent cards.)

Try asking Lucent for the technical specs. There's probably a mailing list for this sort of thing.

Maybe go to Michigan Radio in Lansing and ask them. needs access -- any suggestions for high-speed access at Chad's place?

None that were terribly useful.



Disaster Recover "agentless software" Documents configuration information from various hosts; it completely uatomates the task of backing up IT configurations. It automatically detects changes and records them. It recognizes such things as Cisco devices; user workstations; Windows NT/2000, Novell, etc. By automating the back-ups and reporting/auditing any changes, more efficient IT support can be offered. Looks like very handy system for anyone supporting a large MS user-base. Helpful for complying with HIPAA. Configuration Auditor can identify changes that may lead to problems withing network. [a slideshow/demo happens -- looks neat] "This is an ISO9000 geek's best friend." -- Anonymous attendee

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Ford might take a week of unpaid time instead of lay-offs.

An SNMP test program has found so many bugs that vendors are afraid to send out announcements about it.

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