8 November 2001

Question & Answer Sessions

IPv6 aliasing on a Linux box?

No one here has done it. Hacking up an add rule might work.

Weather-safe enclosure for a couple notebooks and a UPS?

A dog house might do the trick.

Is anyone using IPv6? Really? If so, why?

No body seems to be using it for anything other than playing with it. ("I'm using it for job security.")

Why does The Gimp work better on Win98 than under Linux? (It moves around smoother under Win98.)

The X support for the SiS sucks. Try a different graphics card (3Dfx Voodoo has good X support). Check with the X folks.

Ultimate geek Christmas presents?

HP has a new printer that takes Flash cards and prints 4" x 6" pictures directly.

Go to and fill out the wish list.


Wolverine Tech Staffing has some positions in AA. According to on person, "They're not very useful."

What Sun bug did Becki find today?

DiskSuite uses a very evil device in it's examples that'll screw up the drive if you use actually specify it.

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and manuals." -- SCS

Anybody got an old ATX (ASUS P5, for example) board they don't want?

MCRS (on Industrial) might have some cheap, older boards that'll work.

What's the cheapest way to get a non-running car from Rochester, NY to Troy, MI.

Redefine Troy, NY to be Troy, MI. Find a carrier to haul it on a return trip.

How did Troy get that monitor here on his bike?


Looking for truly dumb gigabit switches ... that only do gigabit switching and nothing else. (No spanning, no flow control, no management.) Any ideas?

Look for something from one of the low-end manufacturers. Mike Wayne seems to recall something, but can't remember it right now.

Hooking up Foundry switch to more than one ISP?

Despite the vendor's assertions, you don't need to be an AS if you aren't going to run BGP. (Have them configure it for BGP using a private AS, then shut BGP off.)

Is there a market for co-lo space in Gabe's basement?

Sure. Tell us more.

Where _do_ we eat? And do we bring a beer?

Let's try Grizzly Peak. (And "No.")


Matt Bing talks about NFR and what the Rapid Response Team is up to.

Neat stuff.  Neat enough that I didn't get any typing done.

Check out for more info.

Might try getting slides from

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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