11 October 2001

Question & Answer Sessions

What's the latest ACC (C++ compiler) for HPUX?

Don't know. Don't even know if the latest version is any better than what was available a couple years ago. Perhaps gcc will be an option.

Does anyone at Comcast know what they're doing?

Not that we know of.

Why doesn't my port 80 work with Comcast proxying?

See above. Is it really port 80 that is failing or is it autoconfig that is failing? That might shed some light on the situation.

Or try running to port 443 (https) and see what happens.

Sniff the connection.

Given a company name, how does one find out what domains that company owns?

Good question. That would be a neat trick, if you could still do it. NSI doesn't allow that sort of thing normally, but you can possibly get ftp access to the top-level zone files if you sign enough paperwork.

Are there WiFi script kiddies yet?

Probably. "Parking lot surfing" is supposed to be the latest fun thing.

At what point should I start using ssh with my WiFi set up?


Does anyone have a broken PDA they don't want?

See Troy, if you do. He's looking for touch screens.

Using perl under Red Hat 6.2 ... when I change $0, the name in ps is a 500-char, right-padded mess. What gives?

This may be a C runtime library bug with that version of Red Hat. Other people seem to remember other things, but there's no other concensus on this.

What's its IP address and is there anything worth breaking into?


Got any software that will scan port 80 on a net block and report on which web servers (or HP printers or whatever) are running?

Probably, but no one can really name one. Try netcat, maybe.

Any idea for panels, tutorials, BOFs, etc. for a Linux/SF convention (PenguinCon)?

Martian terraforming. Low-earth orbit stuff. Get Bill Higgins to talk about anything.

Watch some "Red Dwarf."

Is anyone going to buy Paul's/Becky & Larry's/Larry's house? (Cats and networks are negotiable.)

Buy now, while you can!

The usual job question?

IS security at Compuware. Troy's looking (surprise).

Any cross-platform calendar products for use with Win and *BSD boxes?

You're kidding, right? Meeting Maker has a Solaris client ... perhaps it has others. Slashdot has had discussions on this; check there.

Kmail (KDE) oddity: mail goes into 'sent' folder but never leaves the building. Any ideas?

Troy will take a look at it. "SMTP server" might not be configured properly.

Mutt: sort by subject doesn't seem to work quite right. Any idea why?

Try it again ('o' then 's').

Is there an open source utility to grab log files from a LinkSys Hub/Router?

Look for Tim Higgins site on ethernet stuff (, I think); there should be links to some utilities.

You could also try pulling things with wget and perl script.

SMC Barricade wire router hub thing problem: conecting printer to hub doesn't work, but printer to other hub to hub does. Why?

Have checked for crossover cables, but that doesn't seem to be the problem. It could be a 10/100 negotiation problem. Or a cable problem.


Open Discussion  -  Ubergeek Contributions in Times of Crisis:  
                    Moving Beyond 'rm -rt /bin/laden' Jokes

Remarkably little has been said about this topic.  We've rambled a
little into the realm of encryption, but not with any useful result.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Several IS execs retired from Ford today.

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