13 September 2001

Question & Answer Sessions ... who are they?

"It looked like Amway." -- someone at the meeting with an IP connection

"He wants to meet me over lunch."

"Sounds like Amway." -- Several voices at the meeting

Run away. Run screaming.

Cheap national, 56K, static-IP provider?

Go to and look them up. Dial-up is going under a lot of changes (i.e. higher prices) in the next 6-18 months. The Baby Bells got the rules changed and the whole ISP market is going to change.

Almost certainly, you won't get a static IP address that will travel from city to city.

Why is MJO answering questions at this point?

He's under a lot of stress right now.

Where can Kevin get some Linux paraphenalia (tie, button, etc. that can be worn with a suit) before tomorrow morning?

Go to Meijer's and buy _anything_ with a penguin. That'll be close enough.

Who is doing POP-before-SMTP with qmail?

None of us.

"Find a qmail bigot, tell them 'I cannot make this work', and see what you get out of them."

CDPD (or other wireless internet service): how cheaply can it be had?

Sprint is not too unreasonable.

Who wants to buy a house?

If you, and Ypsilanti sounds like a fun place to live, talk to Paul.

Okay, how about another one?

Becki can help you settle in Livonia. It's got a hot tub.


And Larry Plato has a place in Saline he'd like to sell you. You _might_ be able to get cable out there now. And it has a pool.

Got jobs?

Danno is looking in the Ann Arbor area. (Unix admin stuff, if possible.

Are there good pimps to talk to?

Seek out John Ritz and talk to his people.

Replay 4000 ... are they cool?

Yes, but practically unavailable. No Linux client yet.

Windows modem driver that just opens up a TCP port?


"Security start-up in Plymouth area ... technical officer ... OpenBSD" posted to Any ideas who it might be?


Who's got a speil from the local Linux appliance guy in Royal Oak offering some "deal?"


Any suggestions for a single-board PC with two ethernet jacks and no fan?

There's a lot of small boxes, but they don't have two ethernet jacks. [sigh]

gct-alwell might have something.

Any one heard of VON? (It's a "protocol.")

Voice Over Network is more of a buzzword than a protocol.

Anyone familiar with NETg learning services?


Two-way chap on a Livingston ... is it doable?

That's supposed to be a stock feature of chap. Write to Mike Wayne and he'll dig around for it.

Got Shiva / Lanrover software?


USR Netserver 8 to Cisco dail routing.

Have it speak RIP to announce incoming calls.

RIP is evil.

RIP is not evil.

RIP is evil.

RIP is really useful in certain situations.

Well ... there you have it.

Any other questions?



About MESH (Michigan Engineering Software and Hardware) with David Helder

Student group that works on projects

Technical workshops: GTK, PHP-MySQL, palm, Smart card, Unix Development, Solder, PIC programming

General software, large software, hardware

Software Progects:

+ Jungle Monkey - destributed file sharing + Gnet - Network library ... has some interesting stuff to look at. End-host Multicast (not widely deployed, hosts connect to form graph)

Banana Tree Protocol BTP builds and manages a tree Nodes "switch parents" to closer nodes Goal is to approximate a minimum spanning ...

Future Work Distributed gruop state How do we keep track of who has what files? Currently use a hierarchy of index files Distributed search Currently send queries to all hosts This does not scale; need proxies? Mirroring Robustness issues NAT and P2P is also fun.

Other MESH hardware projects SPLab door Beowulf cluster Parallel port stepper motor controller and Linux driver Stereo pre-amp hack

More at . . .

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Not worth repeating, alas.

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