9 August 2001

Question & Answer Sessions

Why do we do the questions first and hold off on the answers until later?

We rolled SEMiSLUG and local Unsenix into one group, and the question and answer sessions intimidated new members. Since it was the answers that tended to intimidate them, we separated the sections.

Who got affected by Code Red? Code Red II? (Or irritated at SirCam?)

Local ISPs had to field lots of calls, even if though the ISPs didn't have any WinBoxen. [sigh]

Anyone know if Media One will stop quashing port 80?

Rumor has it that it'll be at least a month.

Does @Home kvetch if you run a VPN to your employer?

Maybe. No one can get a straight, consisent answer out of them?

Any truth to the rumor that Ameritech DSL is rolling out DSL repeaters to spread their evil influence?

Apparently. SCS Heard that they're willing to do this because the cable companies are beating up on them 4-1.

How long before DSL prices go up or DSL is discontinued! (Now that Ameritech is the only game left in town.)

Don't worry about it. The cable companies would _love_ to fill in that void and Ameritech is going to do what they can to keep market share.

What is the major relevance of "Andrew File System" book to SEMiSLUG?

Rick Campbell is one of the founders of SEMiSLUG.

Trident Cyber Blade XP with Linux and XFree86 ... any experience?

Not really.

Look for "linux on laptops" for a site that has lots of useful information. Probably.

How do I create a /dev/parport and make it useable?

"MAKEDEV parport" will create a parport device.

How do you journal changes to VMware? (Linux is host; Win98 is guest.)

Visit the VMware web site and their support pages should have infornation on this.

Shiva Lan Modem ... anyone got firmware?

Not even Google knows. Sorry.

Try posting to comp.sys.whatever and see if someone can mail them.

Microsoft CABS application server running through a firewall ... can it be done?

Chris Polk ( had some good ideas, but I couldn't type that fast.

Cheap prices (under $600, quantity 500-1000) on Cisco 3002 VPN clients?

Try and see what there is to see.

Any experience with the Mt. Clemens computer show?

Nope. Let us know what happens.

Cheap 4-6Gb IDE drives?

They're out there.


Soar Technology is looking for a sys admin for Linux and NT/2000 boxes. Talk to Scott Colcord later.

Troy's always on the prowl.

Advice on de-scratching a CD?

Polish it with toothpaste. Really. (So I'm told.)

Any experience running a Sun Netra (X1 or T1) boxes?

"They're flat." -- SCS

Give Danno a call. Rumor has it that he's installed hundreds of them.

What's the benefits of the ext3 file system?

It's ext2 with journaling. You should be able to try it, then back out to ext2 if you don't like it, without too much grief.

Any one have a parallel port CD ROM drive?

Check eBay.


`Vi Revealed' with Steve Simmons

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Scott laid the giraffe. And we all watched.

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