12 July 2001

Question & Answer Sessions

[1] -> Why?

Why not?

Who wants to buy Paul's house?

See Paul if you're interested.

How much?

$225K or so.

Any Riquochet experience?

Troy works with a guy who has Riquochet ... he likes it. Dave knows someone who has to run over to Ypsi to use it because he can't in Ann Arbor.

"We were using it for the Executives, so it can't be that frickin' hard."

Anyone else affected by the brief (~15 min.) regional Worldcom outage this afternoon? Does anyone know what happened?

No idea. No one else seems to have noticed.

Would you please sign Becki's petition?

If so, see Becki.

"Can't load ..." when Apache starts up after upgrading to 1.3.14 from SuSE ... any idea what's up?

One of the libs may be hosed? This is an odd one.

Solaris 2.6 panicing when out of virtual memory -- normal occurance or conspiracy?

Semi-normal. CE's generally don't spend time on solving it, saying "go ye forth and buy more memory, I have other things to do."

Multicast ping of death -- heard of it?

If you have a BSD system, it's real and it's nasty. It'll take out any machine with multicast turned on, unless you're OS has been patched for it and you're up to date.

Has anyone tried tweaking the Ethernet inter-packet gap to throttle network throughput?

Possibly, bit it would require a bit of cooperation at both ends. There's probably an easier way when it comes to implementing it.

Inter-NIC negotionation for 1FG/1PG?

No idea.

Decent Cisco classes?

"Like I would know." -- Anonymous Cisco person

WCCC may have something.

Try looking for the Great Lakes Cisco Users Group and asking there.

Indecent Cisco classes?

Some have said that Wave Technologies classes should be avoided at all costs.


Any one got 'em? (Next Hop is hiring; they're looking for 8-10 years of experience.)

Anyone need 'em? (Talk to Troy.)

What platforms _will_ the Cisco Unity VPN client run on?

Long ago when Cisco had lots as lots of cash (as opposed to now, when they just have lots), they bought sever VPN server companies.

The Unity Client was supposed to be a single client that would talk to several VPN servers. There's supposed to be a Windows client and a Linux client, but what about other platforms?

Win98-generated PS file, then editing the PS file with gimp; can't get high resolution results. Any ideas?

Once Windows is involved, who knows. Before you even look at gimp, check the output from Windows. It may be setting some of the PS transforms to a lower resolution.

Also, try other PS drivers. Also, try using PS Level 1; simpler PS may have less room for odd things to happen.

Where can Troy get a short (2-3 ft.) rack?

UofM Property Disposition is long-time popular choice.

Hot-swappable network interfaces in servers -- how useful?

Well ... not very, really. Is someone really making this a priority? Huh. Go figure.

Netapp has a fptd (written in Java) with a hard-coded 8K window ... why?

It's just their way.

Anyone heard of Technico in Dearbord.

Not really. Perhaps we'll learn more soon.

_______________ 1. Imagine an image of a sumo wrestler, squatting.


Ideas for future presenters:

Next Hop people.

Steve Simmons "More vi" talk.

Someone from Sun. (It's been a while.)

Solid Speed people


What's Dr. Honeyman up to?

Other discussions . . .

How about a group co-location agreement? Allow people who are moving or remodelling to put their gear in your data room while their homes are unusable.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

New buzzphrase: Vendor-Invented Benchmarks.

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