14 June 2001

Question & Answer Sessions

Any geek houses for sale?

Larry Playo is selling one, Paul wants one. Hmmm . . .

Does Paul have permission to use one of Troy's trademarked questions?


Jobs ... who's looking? Who's offering?

Not much of a response this month.

What are people using for secure FTP?

rsync over ssh is your friend. scp and sftp are popular choices.

What happened to cannibal and hamjudo.

Lightning gaussed a monitor and fried a DSL box. (Degaussing the monitor fixed it.)

How do you convince designers that Next/Back buttons are useful?

Some individuals are more clue-resistant than others.

Four-processor Athlons yet?

Ask Jeff Clapper where he saw the article.

PowerPC motherboards besides Intel and Motorola?


Suggestions for optimal AVI compression on a CD to be used in marketing?

You'll want to turn it into an MPEG, somehow. Adobe Premier will put 20 minutes on a standard CD.

Is Ricochet a four letter word?

No, not at all. Someone has one and it works!

What about that 2-way satellite stuff?

It's not all it's cracked up to be.

AVI:MPEG 1:1 ... what?

Compression ratios depend on the AVI codec.

Any good security conferences (i.e. interesting topices in interesting places) this summer?

Toulouse. Washington D.C. Edinburgh?

IPv6 /48

Not really.

Any WIKI experience?

Not really ... it's kind of a scary concept.

Any suggestions for software to ID a sound card on a linux box? may have some useful utilities.

How do you get around incompetent systems people?

You don't, you run over them.


Whale Communications

e-Gap(tm) System: Air Gap Technology for e-Business security

The bulk of secure communication happens via HTTPS(SSL) these days, since it's so readily available.

+ e-business: The SecurityDilemma + Whale's Secure Zone

This is hefty stuff. It involves an e-Gap appliance, which is sort of like shared memory, except that a given address can only be accessed by one machine or the other. Think of it as a sneaker-net implemented using solid-state circuitry.

Check out ... it's got some neat information.

[Sorry about the skimpy notes; I'm working on some serious sleep deprivation. -- Gabe]

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Flagstar bank is full of sharp networking people. Really.

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