10 May 2001

Question & Answer Sessions

Why does Kevin have a real estate guide?

He's still an apartment dweller and is looking for a house. Must be close to CO.

Anyone fiddled with Samba 2.2 (any platform)?

Paul Haas tried it -- it failed.

How many platforms would you consider NT3/NT4/NT5(i.e. Win2000) to be?

At least seven, when you consider the service packs. Or just one or two, because it's all NT.

It depends on what you mean by "platform."

Mutt: is there any way to save/delete tagged messages?

Type semi-colon before you do the normal command.

Win2000 on a small network: Set up share resources without an NT domain. Can see the folders, but can't access the files. What's up?

That's NT for you. Make your big machine a Linux box, run Samba 2.2 to share the drives with the NT box, and report on the experience at the next meeting.

Recommended laptops to run OpenBSD on?

Toshiba. HP Omnibooks.

Recommended laptops to run NetBSD on?

Toshiba. HP Omnibooks.

Recommended laptops to run FreeBSD on?

Toshiba. HP Omnibooks.

Recommended laptops to run BSDI on?

Toshiba. HP Omnibooks. Probably.

Got Jobs?

Troy is looking -- net security would be nice. There's a couple positions in the Ford web farm (see Lee Howard). is seeking routing protocol engineers (see their web page).

Has anyone had problems with 18" Sun flat-screen monitors ghosting?

There's a reflected signal. A bad cable could be the culprit.

Any basic52/domino2a experience in the house?

Not a lot of current 8051/8052 embedded processor experience in the room.

Recommended books for learning Python?

Get the O'Reilly book.

How lonely will Chris be tomorrow?

Fairly. Stop by and visit him.

What was Gabe's question? (He can't remember it.)

"Beats me."

Any sales leads for AIX and/or storage? (Looking to sell stuff)

If you want to buy some, get a hold of John.

Any experience with Sprint broadband wireless?

They seem to be reasonably competent.

Does anyone have bad things to say about AT&T and

Nothing that anyone wants committed to writing.

Can I get high-speed service in Dexter?

Sprint broadband?


"Hi. I'm Bill Cole and I'm from MAPS ... or I used to be."

MAPS - Mail Abuse Prevention System

DUL - Dial-up User List. Gets very little press, but it stops a lot of SPAM.

The general MAPS approach is to record IP addresses that are SPAM-friendly, and make that information available to ISPs. ISPs can then use the information to block potential SPAM.

ORBS - Open Relay Behaviour-modification System: They're run out of New Zealand. If they were in the US, they'd be sued out of existence. They are aggressive and obnoxious. They tend to hit unsuspecting networks with a barrage of tests that can bring a network to its knees.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

"Checkpoint's web site attacked!" Using Checkpoint's recommended software in Checkpoint's recommended manner, can really confuse Checkpoint's web servers. Or so it's said by someone from an unnamed company known for their blue oval.

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