8 March 2001

Question & Answer Sessions

Anyone used yast?

"Yes," says Dave, "it's quite a ball. It is a new, improved install. Like the Slackware setup of old, A joy to see! A joy to hold!"

So if you wan to have a blast, Do your installs with a yast. You'll be a winner, not a loozah, Doing "install all" from SuSE.

Is this, like, a Dr. Seuss thing?

Not a Seuss thing, it's a SuSE thing.

Can a dial-up-network user using Windows access a Windows share behind a firewall?

Windows shares over hight latency connections are bad things.

Okay ... instead, how about: Set up their machines as servers, then sync up with them.

Use PUtty's pscp and have them copy their local directory to your server.

Anyone used Plex86?

Not really.

How about bochs?


WINE - worth using?

Doesn't work with newer Windows (98/NT). Better off with VMware.


Best emulator out there so far. Several people running it who feel that it's well worth the $99.

"Sticky" groups on dirs under HPUX 10.x used to force new files to have the dir's group assigned to the new files; under v11.x, this doesn't work. How do I get it to work again?

HPUX has its own acls that may be interfering.

Jobs? (Needed/Have)

Post 'em to the list.

Anyone bumped into GECisco?

They're trying to put ethernet functionality on the factory floor.

Anyone running a MicroSoft box in the DMZ?

Aaaiiieeeee! No. Why?

New management.

Oh. That's too bad.

No one that we know of is doing this. It's just plain dumb.

What _is_ It?

It's Ginger.

Why do we care?

It's really cool technology.

CODA experiences?

Not really. Could be fun, though. Anyone what to try it out and do a presentation?

It's supposed to be _very_ tempermental.

What about AFS?

It doesn't have all the functionality of CODA.

Any suggestions for a secure ftpd?

Skip it until next month.

Anyone still running old copies of BIND?

If not, you _really_ need to do this.

Limiting frequency with which named-xfer runs?

Upgrade to BIND 9.


No real presentation, but lots of free-form discussion.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Several prospects are being lined up for meetins in the near future.

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