16 November 2000

Question & Answer Sessions

Why not the IT Zone?

No one was there. No idea why. This situation should improve when Cisco's offices are finished.

Washtenaw Community College has offered us space. We will look into it.

What's with the magic vibrating pen?

It's part of a magic whiteboard system.

Magic browser debug flags that let you see what it's doing?


But really ... they exist, but no one remembers what they are.

Qt 1.44 tutorial?

No suggestions tendered; no one knows Qt around here. There must be a users' mailing list out there somewhere.

Are Nokia phones software upgradeable?

Not to 5160i level, anyway.

Who doesn't have a cell phone?

Only one or two of us.

What doesn't Sun's cron (Solaris) notice crontab entries for a while?

It's waiting for the cron job that finalizes the changes?

No serious ideas, alas.

Any experience with Mammoth2 tape drives? Good or bad?


El-cheapo hardware NAT devices?

Netgear. Linksys.

Anyone have a replay TV yet?

Yup ... got a TiVo. Haven't taken it apart yet. It's a blast, just as it is.

The Panasonic Show Stopper has had problems with some things (mistaking the signals as MacroVision and blocking them).

Has anyone hacked TiVo Linux (Tivux)?


Why is Chris miffed?

It's just one of those days at one of the World's great automobile manufacturers.


Becki is looking for minions again. (She has a few open heads . . . eeewwwww!)


Wiretapping the internet

Charles J. Antonelli, Asst. Director Center for Information Technology Integration The University of Michigan Ann Arbor

Project Goals + Long-term storage of every network packet + Cryptographically secured + Evedentiary purposes + Rapid response to intrusion incident

+ Commodity + Completeness + Permanency + Security

+ Intrusion detection filters and sniffers [current offerings] + Many commercial products + Designed for triage + Not secure, not archival, not continuous

Prototype Architecture

------------+------------- | Collector ######---###### MFS | Archiver ######---CD/Tape/Punchcards | | drives--+--drives

Cryptographic Organization

translation table symmetric key ------------------------------------------ Regents' public key ------------------------------------------ volume master symmetric key ------------------------------------------ Regents' public key ------------------------------------------ translation tables ------------------------------------------ translation table key ------------------------------------------ translated header | packet payload . . . ------------------------------------------ payload key

Problem Space + The problem space is broad

Systems Engineering + CPU clock + trhansfer rate, latency, size + System bus, memory bus, I/O controller, memory, disk drive, tape drive + Crypto software, hardware speed + Volume management and retrieval + Parallelism + Round-robin, packet content

What do you do with all the data? A terabyte is about a broom closet of tapes. [really?] You're always going to be behind the curve in the storage game. Parallelism is necessary to have several vaults to watch the network and store data while keeping up on it. How long the data is kept determines how useful it is and is governed by what the goals of the vault are.

Cryptographic Organization + Approach is sound + DES is weak + Rijnael + 3DES + DESX +Crypto hardware

terabyte Storage Technoligies + Leverage Moore's law + Start small + mammoth2 w/ autoloader + 12 MB/s (9.6 MB/s), 60 GB/tape, 7 tapes + 10 mbps: 2 or 3 tapes/day, every day + Design large ...

Legal and Regulatory Issues + Carrier-transport / ECPA + Student information / FERPA + Privacy / First amendment + Human subject guidelines + Ownership / copyright + Right to know / FOIA + Discovery / evidence + Search and seizure / Fourth amendment + Civil liability [most of this goes away when you change the scope from public institution to private]

Evidence Handling + Rules for evidence gathering + Scene "frozen" + Continuity of evidence + Authenticated volume contents + Second factor might prove useful + Auditable procedures + Open source [the contents of the vault are being signed run two vaults to run in parallel or gather digests]

Any questions? Visit for more info.

[much applause from the gallery]

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

P.S., thanks for getting us out of the cold.

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