19 October 2000

Question & Answer Sessions

Is there a clear cause for Clearcase? If the big department moves, should the little department?

It takes a lot of disk space. If your source control works, stick with it. Moving sources can be messy.

"Has anyone migrated out of Clearcase?" It's _very_ difficult.

What questions does Troy have this month?

Anyone got any free/cheap Cisco hardware?

What's up with Ameritech? Whoda thunk it?

Ameritech is being stupid about lines. DS3s are being reset by techs for no explainable reason.

They're doing odd things.

Has anyone included an "NIS included map" in an NIS inclued map?

Well . . . no. Why would you want to do that?

Where will MJO end up?

Somewhere in South-eastern Michigan.

Will MJO hurt Chris for implying MJO is Troy? (You following this?)

Not in anyway that anyone can prove.

Can I write to a DOS partition if I'm not root?

Put something line this in your /etc/fstab:

Check that man page for 'mount' for more information.

Where can Gabe find a siren to buy or borrow?


"I've got a cat. A Siamese!" -- Becki

Why to Macs broadcast from at boot

Marginal stupidity? No, that's what bootp is supposed to broadcast to, according to the RFC. Don't panic.

How well does Mirapoint work?

It's very loud. Ask Becki again next month.

Why did Mandrake decide that it had no processes left for all run levels at boot time?

Perhaps it lost its /etc/inittab. Try booting as single user and specifying that /bin/sh is init.



A small company, fully owned by Seagate to do storage area networks (SANs). NFS, CIFS are the current models for sharing disk space.

SAN is

SAN ...

Fibre channel is the media of choice for SANs. It offers 100MB/s full duplex transfers and is defined as an ANSI standard. It's supported by industry associations FCIA ( and SNIA (

SAN allows for much more flexibility implementing RAID. For example, it allows you to change RAID levels on the fly. Capacity and throughput can be dynamically configured.

Neat stuff.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Keep your eyes open -- Seagate has 144Gb drives.

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