21 September 2000

Question & Answer Sessions

Who still programs in Perl?

Some folks.

Net-booting FreeBSD -- anyone done it?


Anyone need a roommate/housemate?

2 females looking for housing in Dearborn or Royal Oak. If you can help out, contact Troy.

What's the word on The Linux Box?

"I've seen their sign in the window." No one's really familiar with them. Matt Benjamin is the president, if that helps. -- anyone know about them?

Seemed like an interesting company. They do something for automating phone companies. Maybe. They have offices in AA, Israel, and London. Their domain is, if that helps.

Anyone have IP mangling software for Visteon to use in an enterprise situation?

QIP is one option, but you probably knew that.

Any experience with USB audio?

Rumor has it that it runs your CPU into the ground.

Why is Troy running Win2K?

He has a dual-processor system that he want's to play games on.

How badly should we abuse him?

No more then we normally do.

Why won't Win2K power down like every other @#$%@ Windows box?

Check the jumpers, BIOS, etc.

What about SEMiBUG?

It's the second Wednesday of each month in Troy (Michigan, not the programmer). Check it out.

Jobs: Got any?

Cisco is hiring again. Networking stuff.

Ideas for HTTP (i.e. stateless) gaming interfaces?

You can (a) use cookies, (b) use GET/PUT games, or (c) pass in the URL. You can also hold the port open and keep sending data.

What version of Cyrus makes senst to use with LDAP authentication right now.

Talk to Jeff Haas later. (Hint: try talking to someone at Merit.)


Talk to SCS about a "How to get speakers" presentation.

If you have suggestions for speakiers and/or presentations, let MJO, Becki, or Gabe know.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Why haven't we seen John Drystadt in a while?

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