10 August 2000

Question & Answer Sessions

What ever happened with the problem?

MJO retained a very good law firm that scared the domain grabbers mightily. This cost a fair amount of money, so if you'd like to contribute to the Mi.Org Legal Defense Fund, hand MJO a few bucks.

To prevent future problems, the administrative contact will be the Chief Justice of the Michigan Supreme Court (

Anyone got any part-time hacking jobs?

If so, Troy is kind of bored.

Is anyone looking for an underemployed Windows(tm) hacker?

If so, contact Gabe.

Has anyone played with Apache+SSL? And got it working?

Yes, it can be done.

Why does the session work this way?

Originally, So that new members aren't scared off by curmudgeonly old-timers. Later, because it turned out to be a really good format.

Firewall One: gui interface doesn't attach correctly, even though it's configured correctly. Any idea why?

It's probably filtering it's own activity. Checkpoint One's GUI has a reputation for being broken.

MS VPN server with a Linux Client -- anyone got it working?

Not really.

What should I use for VPN at home?


How can I bypass an Outlook server?

Try using an IMAP client (e.g. fetchmail). Or you can use a sensible mail reader like mutt.

Has anybody tried HP's OpenMail? If so, what do you think?

Yes. MJO played with it a while back and think's it looked cool. Many folks at HP are bemoaning the fact that HP is abandoning it in favor of Outlook.

Jobs: Got any? Want one?

The O'Connor Gambit: update your resume, pass it to a few trusted friends and ask them to not pass it along to anyone else. Wait for the calls to come in.

Can you spare some noise cancelling head phones and a digital camera for a couple weeks?

If so, Troy would like to borrow them.

How can I get lots of IP addresses?

Use blocks that aren't supposed to be used, but aren't routed either. (Don't recall which.)

Or talk to Chris Polk.

Any alternatives to Lucent's QIP?

Nortel and Cisco are rumored to have something. Try the Nortel offering first.

Last digit of sqrt(2)?

Surprising as this may seem, it's 0. Really.

Anyone got an old SGI Indigo keyboard laying around?

"Oops. I forgot." -- MJO


Hey! We're meeting at Cisco Systems, where they have dry-erase pens with transmitters. Cool.

Next Month, we'll be at the IT Zone. Meetings for the remainder of the year will be on the second _or_ third Thursday of each month. The schedule now looks like this:

For 2001, we're going to try to meet on the first Thursday of each month. The dates for next year, therefore, would be as follows:

The second Tuesday is an other idea, if the first Thursday doesn't work. Or maybe the third Wednesday.

SEMiBUG (South-East Michigan BSD User Group) started meeting last night at Troy. A surprising number of people from live in the area, so this was an interesting meeting. (Or so I'm told.) There were also OpenBSD and NetBSD advocates present, as well as some BSD/OS folks.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

We're on the move.

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