13 July 2000

Question & Answer Sessions

Who wants a job at Compusare?

They're looking for someone with network security experience. Becki has more information.

BBC4 before Saturday?

Ask on the Blade Runner newsgroup. Ask a friend in England.

Person with DSL can't ping their default gateway? Is the IP address for your default router the DSL converter, or somewhere else? (This is with Rhythms.)

No good idea.

Any recommendations for DSL providers? (Single machine.)

Try Msen. Concentric seems okay. Ford recommends Rhythms to their employees.

Northpoint is taking forever to connect people.

Low cost ANSI C compiler for x86. (Not GNU.)

Try GNU C with pedantic warnings and ANSI flags. LC-Lint may work. Borland is still giving their compiler away.

Can I get an account on Intranet?

Probably not. (It's not a public system.)

UUnet looking for CVS guru. Know one?

"No they're not." -- anonymous UUnet person

They are, however, looking for people with sysadmin expertise and a programming background to write sysadmin tools. Contact SCS for more information.

When to disable write cache on harddrive?

Any time when data integrity is more important than speed. Rather than disable the write cache, use a journaling file system.

IDE ATA 100 hardware that Linux will support?

No idea.

"A question was asked last week about a shipping motherboard which support UDMA-100; I responded that there was some very new Asus board but couldn't recall the model. It's the CUSL2, which has received mixed reviews from Anandtech and Toms Hardware, and gets mixed whining on the Asus newsgroups. It uses the i815E chipset, which supports UDMA100, but limits you to 512Mb RAM (which, probably, is enough).

If I were buying a motherboard today, this one probably would not make my list. Asus makes pretty good stuff (in my limited experience), but Intels 8xx chipsets have not been a masterpiece, this is Asus' first board with the i815E, and the i815E is the newest of Intels chipsets." -- SCS

Is this our new home?


What bar are we going to?

The default.

What is What is a meme? is a domain for the otherwise domainless in the state of Michigan.

A meme is a "though item." A mental gene.

Mandrake or Red Hat for a machine on the public internet?

No. Try Debian. Or Bastille. SuSE has a script that "hardens" your installation.

OpenBSD is your best bet.

S-bus ethernet cards for Sparc?

Troy is looking for one.

Residential cable runs for nome networks? (Aestethically pleasing.)

Try R.N. Communications. Call an electrician; CAT-5 is no longer exotic.

"Wireless is your friend." -- P. Haas

Has any one tinkered with Imation SuperDisk and Linux?

Troy will, tomorrow.

Any experience with xfs under Linux?


Okay, reiserfs under Linux?

Under 2.2, it works okay.

Then how about DMS filesystems?

It's a DOS thing with compression (Stacker/Drivespace) thingie for usee under Linux. (No one's willing to try it.)

Has anyone installed memory on a Toshiba 225CDS?

Try looking under the keyboard.

[Yes, that's were it goes. -- Gabe]

Is anyone else going to DefCon or Black hat?

Becki is. If you are, let her know.

Any experience with Microsoft VPN through Linksys BEFSR41?

Well . . . no.

Is anyone going to LISA?

Becki, MJO, SCS. Maybe others.


We have a new home starting with the August meeting. We'll be meeting at the Ann Arbor IT Zone. Watch this space for further details.

In other news, Miranet cards are cool. Buggy (at the moment), but cool. Hotbot makes heavy use of Miranet technology. The hardware is great, but the software is flakey. They seem to have taken the approach that "if reloading the drivers fixes the problem, there's no problem."

Miranet is a Klos network, which has it basis in telephony.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

"Slashdot has just destroyed Rumor & Innuendo." -- SCS

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