11 May 2000

Question & Answer Sessions

What are we driving so far for not-washington-street-station?



Don't remember the whole question and the asker has left.

Remote computing?

Don't remember the whole question and the asker has left.

Palm vs. Visor: Which is better?

The palm users like their palms and the visor users like their visors. Go figure.

Download (Intel) Solaris binaries and source without buying the whole development kit?

Registered Sun developers can get the CD for about $30. You can register at their web site.

Or does someone have a Solaris system that someone can play with?

If so, write to

Any favorite mpeg players?

Rio. Rio5. Nomad. Diamond. Sony has a couple. Rio is a good bet.

Any favorite digital cameras?

No comments.

Where can Troy borrow for a while (or buy) a WinCE box?

HP might allow a demo unit.

Any experience with fiber channel disks (external, raided) under Linux.


Looking for a 486 box to have/borrow/buy?

U of M Property Dispostion. eBay.

Performance comparison between and postfix and qmail?

No one knows.

Is there a better POP3 daemon than qpopper (performancewise)?

How about an IMAP server with a timeout level? Someone mentioned cucipop.

What's Steve Gibbard up to? (I.e. why isn't he at wwnet)

He quit. And he can't stop smiling.

Does PostgreSQL 7.0 pass the "acid" test?

The writes may not be atomic, according to rumors. Check Slashdot for more information.

Who has the more accurate distance calculater: Covad or Northpoint?

Northpoint does a grid calculation. No idea what Covad does. An ISP should have gear for determining this electronicly.

Is there any significant difference in the service to be had from Covad versus Northpoint?

You probably don't want to worry about this.

Shell limits under Linux: any problems changing them?

Redhad 6.2 was the environment. No one else has experienced this.

Mounting a CD from a linux box to a Solaris box (NFS) and had problems. Any suggestions?

Make sure the read-only flags are in order on both machines.

Oracle has these $199 boxes - what's the deal?

"I saw a news blurb." -- several voices

Keyboard isn't working since moving a machine. Any suggestions for how to deal with this?

Make sure the motherboard isn't grounding out the keyboard.

Can I get DSL from another provider if I lie about who my local loop provider is?

No one's ever heard of this.

Has anybody sold photographs?

If you have any experience, write to Troy.

Is it just Gabe's imagination, or has someone been stealing the tables from this room?

We could say, but we'd have to kill you.

Is there a way to get services from a different CO?

Yes, but it's mostly internal phone company politics.

Are there any sysadmin position available?

UUnet is hiring. Contact for more information.


Will is a security geek

PKI isn't rocket science. Win2000 has it (to some degree). Sun will ship a PKI library with Solaris 2.8. Win2000 containers are incompatible with the rest of the world (surprise!).

Will someone turn my PGP key into a CA-signed key?

A CA is only as good as it's ability to verify an entity. Verisign is a good example of a CA with close-to-meaningless verification process.

Chad is a security weenie

Ford's intranet uses a cookie-oriented public key authentication scheme. Various servers broker various public-key-cookies.

The new scheme plays off of the fact that a 509 cert. can contain another 509 cert. (This is a Keon setup.)

Mobility, Authentication, Access Control are the three axese upon which one can compare PKI systems.

(Too much information from too many angles during both presentations to really do a good job of writing it all down.)

Akenti is some sort of 509 hierarchical authentication game. Could be interesting.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

There's supposed to be a presentation on NFS v4 next month.

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