13 April 2000

Question & Answer Sessions

Why am I getting a runaway probe under Linux (Redhat 6.1 and others)? (It keeps probing

Try changing s.kudzu to s.k and see if it'll stop probing for new hardware. Maybe. Try putting a floppy drive in the machine. That may be what it's looking for.

Has anyone had PASV problems with

When timestamps are on in BSDI and Linux ftp clients, PASV doesn't work. When timestamps are off, it works. Odd. No idea why.

Jobs: Want any? Got any?

Lee Howard, Troy, and others are looking.

Media One is looking for people.

This might just work.

Hacked tivo yet?

It's a PowerPC-based Linux box with a special controller (no a stock IDE). People want to get access to the system so they can hack on it. No one has any info on doing that, so far.

"I'm not crabbing about the $9/month fee." -- SCS

"No, I am." -- Danno

Has anyone hacked an an i-Opener yet?

It's basicly a $100 PC. It's hackable and instructions should be available on slashdot.

Linux University: any one go? What did you get out of it?

Herb Lewis's talk on Samba was good. The CXFS (clustered journaling file system) talk was good.

How do I persuade a company to put someone with 20 years in a non-techie field into a techie position?

Work for free (or very cheap). Find a charatible organization and donate services. This will give you something to put on your resume. Tutorials at conferences are a good place to pick up training. Make sure it says something to the effect of "making career change; seeking entry level position." Don't rely on one resume for every situation; target the resume to the job.

"The purpose of the resume is not to get you the job, it's to get you the interview." -- Mike Wayne

Where has peter been all this time?

1103 EECs Building. (He's been teaching a graduate seminar on smart cards.)

Any experiences with Citrix Winframe?

peter honeyman mentions that the inexpensive version is wide open to cracking.

When is the next Iridium flare?

20:36 tomorrow night (14 April 2000).

How do I print from Linux to a Windows box via SMB client (preferably using magicfilter or apsfilter)?

This is for a laptop that travels to many sites with Windows-only networks.

Newer printers may have their own IP and should recognize BSD lpd requests. Even some of the older printer with a primative JetDirect card may work. Worst case, carry your own parallel cable.

See the man page for smbspool(8).

Does anybody need an extra roommate?

If so, Troy has a full complement and will send any new ones in your direction.

What's this about a $199.99 PC?

They've got it at Computer Alley, in Ann Arbor.

Also, checkout .


ANX -- What it is, and so on

The Automotive Network eXchange is a private internet used to connect automobile manufacturers with suppliers. One of the benefits is that suppliers no long need a separate physical connection to each manufacturer.

ANX requires members configurations to be submitted and approved. Routes between facilities are effected via VPN tunnels. Blah, blah, blah.

[slides may be available, once permission is obtained]

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

According to some industry analysts, ANX was dead the day they announced it.

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