9 March 2000

Question & Answer Sessions

Job? Housemate? High-speed bandwidth, cheap?

If so, contact Troy.

Jobs with networking and firewall stuff would be especially nice. Housemates who don't smoke are a must. Bandwidth has to be high-speed in both directions.

What does "dir *" do on _your_ ftp server with 10,000 files in the directory?

IRIX and Solaris dump core. wuftpd prints out the first 800 and offers no error message.

Any happy DSL experiences?

Not really. There are problems with the ecomonic model such that few ISPs want to deal with it.

Has anyone worked on any NUMA equipment?

Not a whole lot. Paul Haas has some.

Can a checkpoint firewall make an ftpd on a non-standard port look like it's running on a standard port (i.e. port 20/21)?

You could possibly run NAT using the port and address, keeping the address the same. This works for many firewalls; try it.

Any not-too-expensive Tcl jockeys looking for work?

Ask Clif ( If he's too expensive, he may be able to recommend someone.

Any experiences with domain registrars other than Verisign/NSI?

Nothing noteable. NSI may suck, but others suck far more. NSI still accepts changes via e-mail; the others are not to keen on it.

Got a cheap Cisco (or anything you can use to play with a T1)?

Other than eBay? Not likely. There's an enormous market for used Cisco hardware and the prices don't vary much.

GPG - anyone used it?

Talk to Chad. He was going to look into it.

Did anyone attend Steven Wolfe's NSFnet presentation?

Lon did. It was neat. It was sponsored by ITzone. He'll post more information about this to the mailing list. (And will probably send it to you, if you ask nice.)

What happened to

Don't know, but is a good alternative.

Has anyone got web space for a small gaming website?


Looking for a text/graphics printing system that's free and easy to use.

Possibly. Write to Mike Wayne.

How do you reset NiMH?

You need a "smart" battery charger. Write to Mike Wayne for more info (he doesn't have the information at hand).


Death and the Internet

What do you do with someone's e-mail and web content when they die?

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

BSDI is merging with FreeBSD. (Walnut Creek and BSDI are merging. FreeBSD will continue to be free, but BSDI will sell BSDI extensions to FreeBSD. Sort of like how Sendmail, Inc. sells extensions to the free version of sendmail.)

There is a spin-off of the BizServe people that are trying to be some sort of domain registrar.

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