10 February 2000

Question & Answer Sessions

Anybody heard of

It's an Ann Arbor company that's working on systems to speed up line service provisioning. No one seems to know much more.

Sun interface converter and Ultra V. Worked fine with the Ultra I; with the V, the middle mouse button goes missing.

Call Sun? See if it still works with the Ultra I? Dunno.

Any experience with M68K Linux? (An Amiga, in this case.)

Troy knows some people who run it on Macs, but that's about it. There's some BSD version that's supposed to run well on an Amiga, but Mike Wayne can't recall which. PC hardw

Anyone got a job for Troy?

UMI/BellAndHowell is looking for a programmer. Contact Becki if you're interested. Steve's (soon to be former) department at UUnet has an opening or two; contact him for info.

Where are the fortune cookies?

On Gini's kitchen counter.

Anyone got freeswan IPsec working? (It's a Linux VPN package.)

No ideas.

Looking for cheap, but good, office furniture.

There's a place called Fairy Godparents that has cheap desks (free, if you're non-profit organization). UM Property Disposition is another good source. For a good $3000-$5000 desk, try a place on Saline-AA Road, near the Outback Steak House. (The mall on the other side of Oak Valley.)

VLIW (very long instruction word) compiler technology ... anyone know much about it?


Has anyone overclocked a dual Celeron box?

Nobody can offer Danno much in the way of information, other than to point out the the clocking on newer motherboards is set in BIOS and the settings are more granular.

Checkout for a chuckle.

Why does Troy dislike CompUSA?

They're giving him the run-around on a notebook he bought, which needs repair.

What's the lowest-end Sun system that allows hot swapping?

The 4500's _might_ be capable of it ... not sure.

Any known problems with syslogd 2.6? It wasn't logging anything for a while before it crashed and there's no trail to tell why.

No good ideas.

Red Hat 6.2 beta ... anyone played with it?


Where can I find cheap SCSI-1 harddrives?

Well ... not really.

Okay, _any_ SCSI-1 harddrives?


Where are the dumpsters with the SCSI-1 drives?


What's the "blue book" value of an Amiga 3000?

The IRS says that any working computer is worth $100, if donated.

Where can I find a case with 3 x 3.5 cages?

Ask Check at Affordable Computers (AA).

How do you stop distributed denial-of-service attacks?

Turn off your router.

How's Cisco's Ann Arbor office?

There's a building with people in it, but that's all anyone knows at the moment.

Any experience with Medstat / Park Davis as employers?

Rumour has it that Medstat had a lot of turn over in the last couple years.

Park Davis does a lot of Windows, some Unix. No one has had a lot of good things to say about either. "They're on the leading edge of chaos" with the Pfizer merger.


So ... how about these DDoS attacks?

"There's nothing new in the techniques used in these attacks." -- anonymous Cisco person

"The FBI is worse then useless." -- local ISP representative

(General chatting about DSL, ISDN, cable modems, etc. followed, but your humble note-taker can't keep up with the discussion.)

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Rumour has it there's a senior system admin looking for work.

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