13 January 2000

Question & Answer Sessions

The monthly DSL report -- What's new? Where is it available? Who offers it? Will they forward a class C?

Paul Haas waited for four hours for Ameritech to show up today. Steve Gibbard has it at home - likes it. You can call and order it, but they may not show up to install right away.

SDSL ($150-$400) costs quite a bit more than ADSL ($40-$60).

The DSL section on has some pointers.

Netscape on Caldera Linux - where can one find the Japanese character fonts?

Check the Caldera CD for the 16-bit fonts. If there's anything on the CD relating to X fonts, install it.

Look for a Japanese Caldera users group. Look for font-oriented web sites; use the search engine there.

Has anyone played with sendmail 8.10.0 alpha?


Caldera settles; Gates resigns. Coincidence?

There are no coincidences. (The truth is out there.)

bind appears to have a memory leak on an Alpha. Suggestions?

Try dumping named (kill -INT) at 1-hour intervals and look for a "looped domain."

HPUX 11 with vanishing DCE endpoints? Any idea why?

No idea.

Troy is looking for a job again. Got one? Got one for anyone else?

If so, talk to Troy. (Anything to get him out of his current hell.)

IPSEC tunneling through a Linux firewall/NAT?

You have to hack your natd code.

What's a reasonable rate for a small-office network consultant?

For a small office with 2-3 printers that needs to be set up with rudimentatry networking, anywhere from $25 - $125. Be sure to get agreement on maintanance rates and put everything in writing.

$50 to $75 is a good starting range.

Given that K-mart is offering free net connectivity, are they now Michigan's largest ISP?

Quite probably.

Which Linux distribution is best for graphics?

Red Hat (or some other RPM-supporting distribution) is your best bet.

Looking for spare cycles on a Solaris box. Got any? (Need to compile some things.)

If so, contact Cliff Flynt.

Is HPUX 11 working well these days? Does it play well with others? Does it even play well by itself?

Opinions vary. (Surprised?)

Is word processing of Word Perfect docs under Star Office any good?

StarOffice 5.1 saves documents in WP format quite well. Its functionality is good; easier to use than WP.


Y2K or Y02K?

Y2K policies included:

During the actual New Year's Eve and weekend, people were:

Following the weekend:

Where were the success stories? No one cited an example of something that could have been a disaster, but was averted due to a timely change.

More problems were caused by messing around with dates and fouling up machines by shutting them down wrong than was caused by any of the Y2K problems.

The best thing to come of of this was that code got reviewed. Old machines were replaced with new ones.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

A site in Australia was rejecting all mail with a 2000 date.

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