11 November 1999

Answer & Question Sessions

It's a Microsoft product. What do you expect?

Who who be stupid enough to design an e-mail product that is vulnerable to viruses in messages you haven't opened yet?

"-- -dpi100"

How do get my X server to use the 100dpi fonts?

"-bdq 15m"

What flags to I use with sendmail to have it run the queue every 15 minutes.

So's mine, said the parrot. Must be the salt water.

What's the punchline that nobody knew the joke to?


Troy want's to know if anyone needs an SGI? Are there any really cool places that would like to hire Troy?


Where does it all end?

Well, we got your message, so there must not be a problem.

What answer will you get from's help desk if you write to tell them that there is a problem with the MX records in their domain?

In Gabe's car.

Where are the cookies? Where are there lots of scary things?

It's the only way to be sure.

Why do you use all the bullets on the Microsoft sales rep?

This device is a check ISDN adapter that has POTS ports and passes caller ID through the POTS ports.

What is Steve Gibbard looking for that doesn't exist.

Mega. Deca. Kilo. Giga.

How would you say million, ten, thousand, and billion, in geek?

A spliter for taking megabytes of files and dividing it over multiple CD's without splitting files.

What would make Paul's archiving activity more manageable?

Use smail.

What was the most common answer to people with sendmail problems for several years?

It's what you look for when trying to track down problems with IP chains.

What is a miracle?

Tracy's Pentium-90 is in the back of Paul's van.

Why does Paul want to know how to get something to Tracy?


How coherent is MJO this evening?

Uh, yeah. I think so.

Is it time to go do the bar?

If so, you can take it home with you.

Anyone have a use for a dead 486 notebook?

Flashcom is evil.

Is it worth signing up for Flashcom's two-year, low-rate contact?

Try Toys-R-Us.

Who carries a lot of Tonka toys?

Because we're out of answers.

Why are we going to the bar now?


The problem is solved. We will put up a web site that says "we are not" near the top. In return, they argree that we will never hear from them again.

SCS suggests approaching Usenix and ask if they'll become the domain holder for Explain what happened and offer them the opportunity to put in the Usenet Public Trust.

Lon Lowen points out we can form an LLC (for $7).

Eric Raymond is going to be in town. How do we go about coordinating this and finding a venue?

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

Hey . . . . . what ever happened to John Palmer?

"Don't ask me why I know this much about the law in Illinios . . ." -- SCS

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