14 October 1999

Question & Answer Sessions

Any suggestions for logging CGI CPU time on a per script basis? This for for billing purposes. This is on a Netscape server.

"This is at Ford? Your best bet is to make the numbers up, subject to the perks you're given by the various managers." -- Anon.

Wrap the CGI in something.

Has anyone played with tunnelling IP through ssh?

There's a HOWTO document in the Linux world. That should help.

Okay, how about through telnet?

This is Ford again, right? Run something other than telnetd on the target machine.

Any one have a source for spare parts for a Sparq 2? 5?


Is anyone doing DSL yet, given the increased number of places doing DSL now? (with Northpoint) is now providing it to customers.

And who's doing DSL now? Msen is working on it (stay tuned).

Any jobs wanted? Any offered? is looking for warm bodies. Talk to Melissa ( about doing DNS, news, and other net stuff. Solaris admins are needed. On call 24x7, if you're used to that sort of thing.

Network monitoring suggestions?

MRTG (for historical) and NoCall (for instantaneous).


Tcl/Tk Class Warm-Up

What is Tcl? A programming lang by Oesterhaut. It's good and free and commercially supported (Scriptics). It has nice GUI support. It's multi-platform. The Tcl interpreter can be embedded in other applications. The interpreter can be extended with new commands.

Tcl is a force multiplier. It has a simple, regular langauge as a core, with many special ...

Tcl/Tk can be used to glue other packages together into a new package.

Tk is a GUI oriented graphics ToolKit with support for all sorts of widgets.

NBC is now run on Tcl. "When you show them the prototype at the end of the design meeting, it has a lot to do with getting the contract."

So ... what will Clif be talking about on Saturday?

Simple tricks, using it as a glue language, client/server example, etc. Pizza ordering will be a recurring theme.

Why Is Clif Doing This?

Clif ended up teaching at Grinell for a semester. The number of CS PhD's had stayed almost constant for 30 years; the demand for CS grads has been soaring. Places like Grinnell, as a result, have a hard time finding instructors. This gave Clif a chance to relax a bit, even if it didn't pay very well. Unless you have a PhD.

While there, he figured that SEMiSLUG has a hell of a lot of expertise and that teaching a course is a good way to share knowledge. Preparing a course will help show you how much (and how little) you know about a given subject. Attending a course gives you a good start on picking up a new skill.

Rumor & Innuendo (No names, please)

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